The Least Successful Teams in the History of the Copa America

Chile got beaten

Start preparing for the upcoming event by finding out more about the least successful sides of Copa America.

When someone hears the name “Copa America”, they unconsciously think about the great stars of the event – of Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay… That is quite reasonable, because usually these countries are the best and they have the most incredible players with the likes of Maradona and Ronaldo in the past or Messi and Neymar in present time.

• Japan played the fewest games
• Chile lost the most matches
• Ecuador conceded the most goals

However, what nobody talks about is which countries are the ones that are always there but are completely successful in the tournament. Our aim was to introduce the teams that has never won anything in the tournament, so that they can know more about the upcoming continental football championship.

Japan played the fewest games in the history of Copa America

Japanese manga national team
Japanese gambling news reported that the Asian country was invited to participate in the South American tournament in 1999 and in 2011, however they only participated in the former competition. In that year, Japan was in the same group with Paraguay, Peru and Bolivia, and finished as last one, tying once and losing twice.

The oriental nation has scored 3 goals during their 3 games and conceded 8, which means they have a goal difference of -8. Japan was also invited to participate in the Copa America in 2011, but after many controversies and debates, the Japanese Football Association has refused to take part in the continental event.

Japan is also the football team with the lowest amount of scored goals, however it would be interesting if any team would have scored less than them as they participated in the least games by far. In this sense, Honduras is the second, who took part in 6 games of the South American tournament.

However, the Central American country’s national team did pretty well on those few occasion when they were given the chance to show their skills in the Copa America. They won 3 of their 6 matches, and due to mostly their rare participation, they are the team with the lowest goals conceded, and with the lowest average of goals conceded per match.

Chile has suffered the most losses in the competition

Online gambling sites in Chile report that the South American country is the team who have lost the most matches in the history of the tournament. Chile has participated in 161 Copa America clashes, and they won 54 of these games. They never won the golden medal, however, Chile reached the final 4 times only to lose them all.

Arturo Vidal’s nation has lost more than 50% of their games as they played 161 matches and lost 81 of those. That is an incredible series of misfortune – or lack of skill? – for a team who has the likes of Alexis Sánchez and the above-mentioned Arturo Vidal, among many other great players.

However, Chile does not do too bad in the sense of goal difference. Even though the fact that they conceded way too many goals, having an average of almost conceding 2 per match, they are only second in the list of those countries who have received the most goals against the opposing strikers.

Ecuador is the country with the most goals conceded as their opposites have put the ball into the net against them on 296 occasions. It is only 5 more than the amount what Chile received, but it is much more as Chile took part in 161 games, while Ecuador only played in 108 clashes of the Copa America.

Many countries never managed to win a medal

Ecuador fans burned
Even though the fact that Chile lost the most matches, they are far from being the least successful team in the Copa America as they were runner-ups 4 times, and they won bronze medal on 5 occasions. Mexico is a bit less lucky, as they finished twice on second, and three times on the third place.

There is Honduras, who managed to reach the bottom of the podium in 2001, which is an amazing performance regarding the fact that this is the only Copa America that they took part in. However, many regular participants have even less success than the tiny country from the Caribbean area.

Ecuadorian gambling news report that even though the fact that their national team has participated in the tournament many times, playing 108 games in total, yet they never managed to win a medal for their country. The best place they ever got was the 4th place, which they reached in 1959 and in 1993.

The United States and Venezuela both have reached the 4th place once, the former in 1995 while the latter in 2011. Japan and Costa Rica are the only two teams who have never managed to reach one of the top 4 places, but online sportsbooks highlighted the fact that they only played 14 games combined, which makes the lack of success quite reasonable.
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