Belgian Poker Player Makes $2 million

Belgian poker player wins nearly a million dollars at a poker tournament.

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The Belgian gambling laws have long permitted for the casino and other games to occur in the country. Gambling in Belgium has existed for centuries. Even lotteries started there 600 years ago.

That’s a strong tradition and no surprise the country has a true poker champion. A Belgian player, Mr. Kitai, has just won a European Poker Tour in Berlin and raked in an awesome prize exceeding 700,000 euros ($900,000). Overall, the 32-year-old poker player has won nearly $2 million in his career.

His final opponent, Canadian Andrew Chen, hasn’t left the poker table empty-handed. The second prize amounted to slightly over 600,000 euros (almost $800,000). Out of nearly 750 competitors, over a hundred came out of the tournament with some cash, not major, but real cash, nevertheless.

Chen is also an excellent player who’s career earnings amount to over $2 million despite his young age of 24. What a player! How much more will he win?

The win of a citizen of a small country will now encourage many to join the Belgian poker rooms to practice the game and participate in the multitude of the poker tournaments that take place in the country and internationally.

The online casinos in Belgium attract many players. Yet, what needs to be understood is that Belgium likes to regulate its gambling industry, which is even better since casinos need to comply and the gamblers are protected.

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