Property Seizure Without Indictment?

Alleged illegal sportsbook maker in America faces property seizure without indictment.

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Those accused of breaking the American gambling laws face some tough justice. Sometimes it feels they’re guilty until proven innocent, not vice versa as it should be. Also, when to comes to a chance to get a chunk of cash, why not? Let Holy Inquisition-like procedures follow in the Land of the Free.

The Federal jury is investigating if a 57-year-old man from Oklahoma has been involved in illegal gambling, specifically related to a bets on sports in United States. Although, the wagering on sports in America is very popular, most of it is done outside the framework of the law. Only a handful of places allow for legal sports bets.

The criminal indictment hasn’t been pressed yet. But, the Federal government is seeking any means to reduce the national debt and perhaps bring America back to its AAA rating. So, the government, in ways which may shock Constitutional Law attorneys, is seeking a seizure of real estate the alleged illegal sports bookmaker has.

It is quite a nice chunk of change. Indeed, so nice that it would make the soon-to-be-legal online casinos in United States proud to have jackpots amounting to millions of dollars, or at least up to $2 million, the amount Uncle Sam is looking to seize.

We’re talking about a seizure of $2 million worth of real estate. This kind of reminds us of the Middle Ages where the lord who was rumored to insult the king had the property confiscated without the due process.

There is one extra nasty twist to the story. In one of the properties the government is seeking to seize, the wife of the man accused of illegal gambling has been murdered, and the case remains unsolved. A true Dark Ages horror tale.

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