Virginia Woman Scores Twice in the Same Powerball Draw

American Powerball lottery continues to generate millionaires: one lucky player scored twice in the same draw.

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Following the recent multi-million payout the Powerball Lottery, operating in full compliance with American gambling laws, strikes again. A lucky woman from Virginia managed to produce two winning tickets for the same draw on April 7, each worth a million bucks.

United States gambling news reports that Virgina Fike guessed five of the six Powerball numbers on each of her two tickets. She purchased her tickets at the same truck stop, and claims to have based her guesses on her parents’ anniversary and their ages divided by the year they were married.

Fike is one of fourteen players throughout America matching five out of six numbers, which brings one million dollars. At the time of the draw Virginia was comforting her mother in the hospital and saying to her: “Wouldn’t it be funny if it was us?” Well, it’s not funny at all, Virginia!

Later on Fike stopped at a store to check her tickets, and the clerk revealed that she indeed won both 1 million dollar prizes in the state of Virginia.

John Hagerty, the spokesman for Virginia Lottery, had the following comments: “This is the biggest prize we’ve ever had in Virginia of two tickets in the same drawing.”

Virginia Fike went on to collect a $1.4 million cheque, after paying her taxes. The owner of the truck stop, producing the winning tickets, received a hefty bonus of $20,000.

Some might say that the taxman is a bit greedy, but at least the winner wasn’t prosecuted for gambling as those poor Black Friday figurants. In any case, lottery remains one of the few opportunities to legally profit from gambling in the USA, until the laws change that is.

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