Belgium Online Gambling VAT Exemption Removed

Belgium Gambling VAT

Following the decision of the House of Representatives, the Belgium Gambling VAT exemption will be lifted for online and cash games from August 1st.

Currently, all forms of gambling in Belgium are exempt from Value Added Tax. However, from August 1st “all gambling or cash games, except for lotteries, will be subject to VAT to the extent that they are supplied online,” reported Originally, the new Belgium gambling tax system would’ve came to force on July 1st, but the Finance Minister decided to give more time for preparation. The amount of VAT will be determined from the player’s wins. Furthermore, player’s will be ”jointly-and-severally liable to pay the Belgian VAT for gambling services purchased from a non-Belgian provider that is not VAT registered in Belgium.”

To learn more about gambling in Belgium, check out the country home page.
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