The Good in Gambling

Today, many governments are trying their hardest to limit the possibilities of gambling, whether on land or over the internet. Pick up any newspaper and you can read all about the problems that gambling brings, whether on a family or societal level. You'll be hard pressed to find anything positive about gambling. Of course this is nothing new, as centuries of moral and religious objections have been bought to oppose it. So no one dares to speak of any good in gambling. So let's have a look ourselves. Let's take the opposite view and see if there really are any positives among all the negatives.

good in gambling

Introduction: The Good in Gambling

Every year around 1/7 of the world’s population have a punt. That’s around 1 billion people. Now the church would say that gambling is sinful. This follows the logic that anything unrelated to work (which brings you closer to God) is a bad influence. So drinks, fornicating, and gambling fall under this category. This had led many people to believe that gambling is a sin. It’s not. Unfortunately, nowhere in any holy text, does gambling, or anything even distantly related to gambling, make an appearance (not even the online casino sites in the US).

But The Bible says…

Of course, Christians on the whole, have a habit of twisting words to suit their own ends. So, as gambling isn’t mentioned in the Bible, the best they can do is re-interpret the warning of “love of money” more than “loving God” as something that must be a warning about gambling. This is just plain silly. A poor person can want and love money. A businessman, who never gambles can love money. Many Christian have been willfully misled into believing that gambling is a mortal sin. They believe that there is no good in gambling. You can see where this “logic” is going. Yep…absolutely nowhere.

good in gambling
Simon says…

Addiction is Real

But, back to reality, it’s true that gambling has led to the ruin of many people. We have the science to tell us that addictions are real things, and gambling addiction, with its dependence on dopamine being secreted in our brains, is no different from many other forms of destructive addictions. There are people who find it difficult to stop gambling, in the same way, there are people who cannot stop buying shoes. It’s a mental health issue, but is, none the less, very real.

Let’s Find the Good

It’s of no surprise that many people (or many people who don’t gamble) ask where the good in gambling lies. So, we dug around and formulated around seven answers to that question. The list only covers the most basic reasons for being pro-gambling. Also, please don’t read it as the definitive take for the gambling industry. We too, are aware of the darker side of gambling but need to place all things within a logical and practical framework. As opposed to just throwing our hands up in the air and screaming like banshees. Let’s have a cold and logical look…

Local Economies Benefit from Gambling Business

This is a no-brainer. Obviously the more people that gather at one location then the more activities are needed to support them. People can exchange goods and services, along with money and food. A local population can start to thrive with growing infrastructure from taxes and duties. A new casino, for example, both creates and sustains many more businesses in its direct surroundings than as a stand-alone entity. On the whole, most casinos are of the resort type, meaning that they attract not just gamblers, but others who are looking for entertainment and a place to relax. The money spent at the resort goes very quickly back into the local economy.

People Use Gambling for Fun and Entertainment

For this, you have to have a basic belief in the individual strength of the self. In other words, people can control themselves without a deity telling them what to do. Or some law. Yes, of course, you’re going to lose money at the casino. But it’s how you lose it that counts. Many people enjoy a flutter at the roulette wheel or slots machine. Is there really a difference between enjoying yourself and losing $200 in a slot machine, or spending the same $200 on a show or other entertainment? Nope! It’s the same thing. You came, played, had fun, and then went home.

You’re going to be fine if you can live without gambling. If you only gamble with money you can afford to lose, then go ahead and knock yourself out. Also, gambling is a great group activity, whether with friends or family.

Modern Casinos Offer Safe Environments for Gambling

If there’s gambling, then surely it’s better for everyone that it takes place in a safe and secure environment. Yes, we’re sure that there are seedy backrooms and gambling dens where you can meet people who might rather not. But casinos are huge companies, filing taxes and licenses. They have all types of security, whether in the actual casino or in the parking lot. Of course, there’s a crime happening around the casino, and sometimes within. But on the whole, they offer a secure place to let go and have fun.

We know that no public place is absolutely safe. There’s always a nutter with a gun who want s to go out in a blaze of glory. But casinos have excellent security and it’s in their interest to make sure you ave a great time and return again.

Some People Do Win Money from Gambling

Yes, we already know that the “house” always wins. It’s plain common sense as the casino is a business, with overheads and payroll and the like. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that people do win, and often and big. And what do you think happens to the money won? Does the winner simply stuff it under the bed? Nope! It goes back into the economy, whether locally or nationally. Of course, winning at gambling is not easy by design. But there are those who can consistently beat the odds. They do this the old fashioned way….by studying and mastering a skill in blackjack or poker.

Government Tax Revenues Rely on Gambling

When you win at the casino, do you know what the very first thing that happens is? You are presented with the IRS Tax form to fill out. Even the winnings are not totally free of tax. Also, think of the Powerball and the MegaMillions. All that cash is generated for Uncle Sam. If you want to look at lotteries another way, you could argue they are a form of self-imposed taxation. In principle, the lottery was originally founded as a means of helping out local education needs. But it’s remit has been gradually widened over the years. Using lottery monies for other things than the stated use of education is always going to be a political hot potato, but on the other hand, at least it’s there to help when needed. And as it’s essentially a tax on gambling, so you non-gamblers actually benefit from their “sins”.

good in gambling
The Gambling industry is big

New Income Opportunities Arise in the Gambling Industry

Of course, the lottery tax is never enough to replace the normal system, but it sure helps a great deal, particularly at the state level. Gambling doesn’t exist in a rarefied bubble. There is a whole sub-industry around it. This keeps the main industry afloat and brings new customers to their doors. We’re talking about the gambling affiliate business. Make a search on the web and you’ll be surprised as to the sheer number of affiliate sites, all promoting gambling, and casinos. The affiliate industry is like the bottom half of an iceberg, what you actually see on top is relatively small. Affiliates are selling everything online, whether cars or furniture of financial services, if you see a gambling or casino advertisement, then they are part and parcel of the gambling affiliate culture.

Gaming and Play Include Gambling

Thanks to the rise of the internet, today online gambling sites in the US are also known as “i-gaming”. This is because more and more people are starting to view gambling as a form of sport. If we were to take football for example, without the support of gambling, the game would look very different. So everyone is benefiting from the work of the few. Keep in mind that online competitions among the gaming community are massive….and it’s also possible to wager on the players. Just as with nearly any sport, the possibilities for betting are continuously growing. And with it comes to a greater acceptance of the good in gambling, in all its forms.

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