Benfica vs Lyon Betting Preview: Outsiders for Favorites

  • Benfica outruns Lyon by the best odds
  • Betting on a tie is the most beneficial option
Benfica vs Lyon Betting Preview
Exciting match ahead for the supporters at the Estadio da Luz
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The first match between Benfica and Lyon is going to be more interesting than expected as the earliest predictions show that the favorite is not the one that football fans were waiting for. Full Benfica vs Lyon betting preview reveals all the pitfalls of the upcoming competition.

Group H of the 2019/20 UEFA Champions League is here:

Zenit 4 PT
Lyon 4 PT
RB Leipzig 3 PT
Benfica 0 PT

Benfica vs Lyon betting preview sets the Portuguese team as a winner

According to online sportsbooks in France, the match between Benfica and Lyon will finish with a triumph of Portuguese. Surprisingly, the Group H main outsiders lead the best odds of 2.11 on their victory in Lisbon. Currently, Benfica occupies the last position in the standings with two losses in a row. Within the Champions League Group stage, the club was defeated 3:1 by Russian Zenit and 2:1 by German Leipzig.

Bet on the 2019/2020 Champions League winner!:

French Lyon, however, doesn’t leave off its future rival. The club’s victory at away-match is possible with 3.46 odds, which is a good coefficient at 1xBet Sportsbook. Lyon can currently boast win one victory over RB Leipzig and a 1:1 tie with the Group H topper, Zenit. The French team is also likely to repeat the scenario of a game with Russians and play a draw with its next rival. Benfica vs Lyon betting preview shows that the tie is a great option to wager on (3.84).

Bet on the correct total score of the Benfica vs Lyon match

Online gambling sites in France offer a variety of betting options on the correct total score of the upcoming match. According to the extended Benfica vs Lyon betting preview, their competition would end with a 1:1 tie as show the best odds of 6.50.

If you believe that Lyon will be dominant during the match, you can bet on it to win. The Group H runner-up has the highest chance to win with a 1:2 total score (11.00 odds). On the other hand, Benfica’s supporters can benefit from wagering on their favorite team to outplay Lyon with a 2:1 score (8.00 odds) or to leave them defeated with a 2:0 score (11.00 odds).

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