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Posted: January 2, 2024

Updated: January 2, 2024

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It’s time for us to analyze who are the best actors who played gamblers. In this list, you are going to find different genres of movies. Pairing with collecting the different archetypes of gamblers. Some have unique skills, some are born businessmen, and of course, some are a little more saturated than others. Meet the greatest actors of all time, who ignited the interest in games in many of us!

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Today we are going to talk about the best actors who played gamblers. We have collected a list of movies and picked out the greatest performances. Keep in mind that this list seeks to honor both great acting and voice acting. Thus, this is a list for those who want to go and watch several different movies or shows. Te also made sure to keep the time and genre in mind. This list will feature both the classic and the new.

Also, we made the devil in the details, so we decided to select different genres. All there is left for you to do is to try out betting on the upcoming movie releases. Yes, there are going to be several different gambling movies coming this year too! To be able to bet on their story, success, or awards, just please register at almost any of the online sportsbook sites in the US.

Dustin Hoffman’s “Rain Man” – Best Actors Who Played Gamblers

We all know that Dustin Hoffman’s Rain Man character is a genius. Genuinely, Rain Man is one of the greatest gambling performances of all time. According to IMDb, the plot is summarized this way: an L.A. yuppie realizes his estranged father has left a large sum of money as an inheritance to his brother, who has autism.

He decides to travel the world with his brother, hoping for a better heritage. In the movie, there is a moment when he is gambling scene, where he is playing blackjack. Hoffman and Reymond manage to manifest each other through their shared unique cognitive abilities. The whole scene became iconic, and obviously, it has granted a large amount of contribution to the poker community. For online gambling, register at Bovada Sportsbook.

rain man character

Michael Keaton’s Ken

Who doesn’t love Michael Keaton? He is an amazing actor, he plays in only high-quality shows and movies. And of course, he never backs down from challenges. When you first look at the guy, you wouldn’t assume the many different roles he has assumed over the past decade. However, keep in mind that Michael Keaton also belongs to one of the best actors who played gamblers.

I think his character has contributed so much to Toy Story 3, that it carried the whole thing for me. According to Behind the voice actors, he was Ken in Toy Story 3. But where is the gambling part? Well, Ken was running an illegal gambling business in Toy Story 3. This is essentially when we find out that he was siding with the bad guys all along. We think Keaton has made Toy Story 3 complete.

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Daniel Craig’s James Bond – Best Actors Who Played Gamblers

Seriously, do we even have to introduce you to this character? No matter if you just said “…James Bond” after seeing a Bond-brand cigarette, or if you are a fan of the generic action drama. James Bond’s name is a household name in many houses. According to the Esquire, there is going to be a new James Bond movie. However, there is a bet going on around the question: Who will be the next James Bond?

So far, I think that Daniel Craig’s character was the greatest contribution to the Franchise. However, keep in mind that James Bond is not a heartfelt gambler. It is a part of his job to be this amazing! Jokes aside, we highly recommend you watch the James Bond series if you haven’t before.

James Bond movies with gambling

Minami Hamabe’s Yumeko Jabami

Okay, so the best actors who played gamblers don’t always have to be one of the American actors. We believe that Japan knows how to make a thrilling cinematic experience. Just look at some of the anime! And of course, in the East, live actions are extremely appreciated. But there is one title I just can’t get over with. This Kakegurui, features Yumeko, a schoolgirl who is a gambling enthusiast in a gambling-based economical society. This is similar to a Japanese gambling movie.

But what makes this character extremely powerful is the fact that it fully copies Yumeko, without turning it into an awkward anime experience. Instead, they translated some of the gestures into motion. The same has happened to Kirari Momobami.

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Mark Wahlberg’s Jim Benett – Best Actors Who Played Gamblers

What does it take to become one of the greatest gamblers of all time? Be a literature professor with gambling habits! Be a little self-destructive and disdain for norms, while also taking risks and seeking opportunities. According to The Conversation, this is an anti-hero character, much like the famous Deadpool. An anti-hero is a bad person, but due to us seeing his reasons, we root for him and hope he will make a change in the end.

A hero, who isn’t a good example, but rather shows what a good person becomes under harsh circumstances. This way, we can relate, even though they are unreasonably chaotic. Thus, we can experience the bad decisions we otherwise wouldn’t dare to make, through the screen. A masterpiece manifested by Jim Benett for sure!

smart gambler

Robert De Niro’s Sam “Ace” Rothstein

Robert De Niro is one of the most influential actors ever. No wonder why he is among the best actors who played gamblers. His character, Ace, was one of a kind. While he is not one of the athletes who became actors, he still has a great build which he uses to animate his characters. In the story, his character “Ace” is hired by a mob to oversee the Tangiers Casino. 

The whole movie portrays his journey as he is climbing the ladder, and receiving a higher and higher position in the casino industry. A story of love, mobs, minds, and gambling! He perfectly manifests Ace’s character, while dealing with the volatile and chaotic environment. If you love the 1970s, then I highly recommend you to watch “Casino”. Trust me, Robert De Niro will show you why his name is still extremely relevant.

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DiCaprio’s Big Shot

Before we explain how to bet on things such as the Baldur’s Gate 3 live-action on Netflix, first let’s talk about the final person on our list of the best actors who played gamblers. This is no one else but DiCaprio, and his genius Big Shot performance. However, this is not your usual Vegas type of gambler. Instead, Mark Baum (DiCaprio’s character) is a hedge-fund manager, who constantly makes high-stake bets against the industry.

Therefore, he is a gambler in the business sense, and obviously, we all know a lot of characters like that. Being a billionaire CEO is extremely similar to gambling. Excerpt, in business you have a consistent income. If you just want to do something lighter with a game of chance, then register at Bovada Sportsbook.

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