The Best Betting Hacks in 2020


Posted: February 22, 2019

Updated: December 28, 2022

  • This strategy works 100% in the long run
  • Plus some more betting tips

Looking for the best betting hacks? Let’s take a look at the easiest and safest betting strategy that actually works.

Best long term betting strategy

This method is the only betting strategy that works 100% in the long run.

We assume that bookmakers are good at setting odds that accurately reflect the real probabilities. If betting odds for team A are 2.00 and for team B are 3.00, then most probably team A is going to win. The opposite happens only a few times by luck, maybe 3 times out of 10 matches.

You should not stick only to Unibet Sportsbook or Bet365 Sportsbook. Check all the bookmakers for the odds to make sure which team is truly the favorite to win. The best way is to make an average of all odds to find the most accurate numbers. Next, you should see which sportsbooks offer higher odds for the favorite team. If any of them offer 1.5 or higher odds, then you should put your bet on that team.

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Keep in mind that you should bet on a team that is favorite to win and has the decimal odds of at least 1.5. If you bet on teams with lower odds, then you won’t win enough to cover potential losses. To decrease the chance of losing it’s better to bet on matches with 2 outcomes like Boxing, MMA, etc.

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Important betting tips to always remember

1. Best betting hacks in 2020: Only bet up to 5% of your bankroll

Professional bettors always bet 1 to 5% of their bankroll. In case you have 200$, you may need to bet $5 to $10 per contest to lower your risk of ruin. The best way is to start with a small bankroll and increase your bettings through time as you get more experience. Another benefit is that you won’t have much stress when you bet less than 5% of your bankroll.

2. Betting hacks to win: Research on teams you want to bet on

A little homework is essential to know more about teams and their statistics. Especially in the case of soccer and basketball, there are so many factors that can affect the final result. There are a few basic statistics that you should always check before each game to minimize your risk.

  • Check the data for the last 10 games to calculate average scores and win ratios.
  • Check the head to head data between two teams. Maybe one team has better performance, but they lose most of the times against a particular rival.
  • Always check the news on each team. Maybe one of the teams is missing their best player due to suspension or an injury.

Best Betting Hacks

3. Most popular teams don’t always win

Sometimes bookmakers hedge their bets by offering more favorable odds on the opposite outcome to what people expect. In this way, they can recover some of their losses. This can be a great opportunity for those who can spot it.

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For example, betting odds for MAN UTD vs PSG on Feb 12, was more favorable on MAN UTD winning at home. MAN UTD is a much more popular team but PSG showed much better results during the current season. The final result of the game was a disaster for MAN UTD something unexpected for people but expected by the Bookmakers.

4. Best betting hacks in 2020: Sign up to all top sportsbooks

Bookmakers don’t always provide the same odds. Then it’s really important to have accounts in other sportsbooks to be able to choose the best odds. Make sure you have an account in the following betting websites which are of the most trusted ones:

5. Bet in groups

Simply you should gather friends who are also willing to make money from betting. Each person in a group must bet on a different outcome. Any prize is split equally between all members. Keep in mind that this technique works in case of sports or games with several outcomes. More the outcomes, the higher the odds. If you bet on sports with odds lower than 3.00, you might not be able to recover lost bets.

These are the best betting hacks in 2020. Continue reading us and learn how to read online sports betting odds like a pro!

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