2020 Thomas Cup Predictions: 5 Teams Worth Their Badminton World Championship Odds

  • China are the best badminton team in 2019
  • Japan, Malaysia and Indonesia are serious challengers
  • Denmark is the only potential team from Europe
2020 Thomas Cup Predictions
China are the most likely team to win, according to 2020 Thomas Cup predictions

2020 Thomas Cup predictions foresee an easy Chinese victory at the moment, but all other teams will drink blood before the games against the reigning champions! Should you pick another team?

There is yet another year to wait for the Badminton World Championship to start. However, 2020 Thomas Cup predictions are already out at 1xBET Sportsbook. In this article, we will examine the five best teams who could win Thomas Cup. And hence, the five best teams worth wagering on. Check out which nations’ badminton teams could earn you some easy money!

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Rank Team Odds
 2020 Thomas Cup predictions by 1xBET Sportsbook
5th Malaysia 16.00
4th Denmark 8.50
3rd Indonesia 7.00
2nd Japan 4.00
1st China 1.67

5. Malaysia hopes to turn their luck over

Malaysia lost the most finals in the history of Thomas Cups, that is a fact. However, that does not necessarily have to be like that. Should they make it to the final once again this year, Malay badminton players will do everything to bring another gold medal back home. They haven’t been able to do that this century. 2020 might be about time for them after 1992. However, they are not the favourites according to badminton betting odds, but still, they might be thereabouts this time.

4. Denmark are Europe’s only hope

The only European team to participate in Thomas Cup with an actual chance to win the trophy. In fact, they were the Kings of the World once before. Denmark won Thomas Cup in 2016. They are the only non-Asian nation to ever win the Badminton World Cup. They hope to repeat the performance from 3 years ago, but their chances are not the best. Not according to any badminton betting odds, 2020 Thomas Cup predictions or online sportsbook news sites in Japan, at least. But then again, they are the only hope for Europe. How will they live up to the expectations?

3. Indonesia are the most successful team ever

It’s not easy to find a sport in which the Indonesians dominate the world. However, badminton is their business apparently. Indonesia have won 13 Thomas Cups so far – they were World Champions 13 times. They also took the silver medal 6 times before. As of today, they are not among the favourites. In fact, they haven’t had much success lately. They have not been champions since 2002, however, they made it to the final in 2010 and 2016 as well. That might explain why 2020 Thomas Cup predictions rated their odds so high…

2. Japanese badminton team is on the rise…

Japan are the second-best badminton nation in 2019, according to 2020 Thomas Cup betting predictions. They lost the final in 2018 to China but were crowned champions back in 2014. Before that latter one, Japan weren’t really an important member of the badminton universe. Till then, however, we must count them as serious contenders. They will do everything to beat China. Not only because they lost the final against them last year, but also because of the epic rivalry between China and Japan.

1. 2020Thomas Cup predictions favor China to win

China will arrive to the tournament as title holders. 2020 Thomas Cup predictions, as well as online sportsbook sites in Japan believe China are the strongest and best badminton team as of today. However, a lot could change in a year. China are the second most successful team in the history of Thomas Cups. They were Champions of the world 10 times. Their goal is to overtake the king of badminton’s title from 13-time champions Indonesia. Will 2020 Thomas Cup bring them one step closer to their dream?

2020 Thomas Cup Predictions Trophy
2018 Thomas Cup: China rocked

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