The 5 Best EPL Goals Ever

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What is your favorite Premier League goal ever?
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The 2019/20 season of the English Premier League is in full flow. Though this year’s championship keeps on amazing us with dramatic goals, let’s refresh in mind the ones that remained in history. Here is our top of the best EPL goals ever.

Since the Premier League foundation in 1992, this English championship was constantly pleasing our eyes with beautiful goals. As the most-watched sports league in the world, it is full of memorable moments, which are watched again and again. We made the best EPL goals ever ranked, so scroll down to see the top-5. If you would like to learn more about memorable football moments, best Panenka penalties is what you’ve been looking for, but let’s start with goals first.

The newest goal by Andros Townsend (2019)

Last year, Andros Townsend scored the most recent goal that entered our list. It took place during the match between Crystal Palace and Man City at the Etihad Stadium. The CPFC winger made an amazing shot from almost the center of the field and scored! Obviously, he was nominated for the FIFA Puskas Award, but failed to win the prize.

All in all, Townsend didn’t leave with empty hands. His amazing goal helped Crystal Palace to win the match against the reigning EPL champions. This is worth a lot, isn’t it?

Fernando Torres from Liverpool outplays Blackburn (2009)

During the 2008/09 EPL, Fernando Torres managed to kick one of the most impressive goals of the year. His volley goal in the Liverpool vs Blackburn match opened the score in favor of The Reds and resulted in their victory. Torres was even nominated for the very first Puskas Award for this goal, but finished 5th in the final voting. Anyway, this is the goal that Liverpool fans will remember for a long time.

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Best EPL goals: Le Tissier vs Newcastle (1993)

This is probably the most elegant goal in our top-5. In 1993, Newcastle was unlucky enough to play against Southampton and Matthew Le Tissier in particular. This football player’s goal not only brought victory to Southampton, but also charmed viewers with his style. How freely he passed by Newcastle’s defenders and scored that goal! By the way, the next Southampton match takes place on February 22, so bet on its victory at Bet365 Sportsbook.

Leeds United is also on the list of the best EPL goals (1994)

A supreme solo goal by Leeds United player is impressive mostly by its beginning. While playing against Tottenham in 1994, Rod Wallas got the ball on his side of the field. He managed to score the goal after passing through all defenders by himself, which was an impressive trick by that time. You better watch this intense moment once that read about it multiple times.

Best EPL goals ever: Rooney tops the list (2011)

Wayne Rooney and his bicycle goal in the gates of Man City tops our list of the best EPL goals ever. It reminded us about the classy Ibrahimovich’s goal that he scored two years later in a friendly match with England. However, Rooney’s kick left viewers speechless no less than his follower’s one. It was nominated for the FIFA Puskas Award and brought Manchester United the victory in that match. Do you also feel nostalgic about the success of Man Utd? If yes, bet on them to win the next game against Watford and give us another brilliant goal that may top the updated best-goals list in the future.

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