Galway Festival 2020 Betting Tips

  • The Galway Plate this year has the biggest prize fund of the festival history
  • Learn more about horse-racing to pick the winner in any race
galway festival betting tips
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Irish is called the nation of the horse-racing for a reason. There are 26 major races in Ireland, which is the highest per head of population in the world. Besides these major races, there are more than 2000 regular annual races. It probably won’t be a lie to say that there is probably no international horse-race that Irish horses don’t come in at least the top ten. Galway festival is one of them. It’s one of the races with the biggest audience, thus price pool. Through the course of a week, punters bet on 52 sponsored races. You can either bet right at the festival in person or do it online. In order to get the highest chance of winning, check out the Galway festival betting tips.

Betting and horse races always go hand-in-hand. Wagering on horses and feeling that sense of risk and excitement is probably why hundreds and thousands of people are that invested in the event that usually takes less than five minutes. Picking the winner out of all the jockeys is a pretty hard task, especially if you’re new to it. It’s always a smart idea to look at the tips on how to pick a winning horse or follow the betting tips to succeed in wagering at online gambling sites in the UK.

Galway Plate 2020 has the prize fund of €300.000

Last year, over 145000 people have attended the summer festival and the prize pool for a total of 52 races was €2.3 million. The amount of money spent on betting was probably more or less the same. Due to the growing interest of the media and increased coverage the festival is only getting bigger. However, this huge amount of money can be a source of desperation for some people. As with any other major sports event, there have been cases of drug scandals in the history of the race. 

This year’s opening race of the festival will be on 27th July and the Mad Hatter’s Day will close it on August 2nd. Out of the festival, the mid-week or Thursday is a day that attracts most of the audience. The Ladies’ Day is full of fashion and colors along with some of the most spectacular races. This year, the number of races is decreased to 49, which still is more than enough to test your luck and try your hands on betting.

galway festival betting tips
Moments before the race – Image source: Rorser at English Wikipedia / CC BY-SA via Wikimedia Commons

The festival’s feature race the Galway Plate takes place on the third day. Dating back to 1869, it’s one of the oldest races in the world, with probably the highest prize. The race is open to horses four-year or older and is run over a distance of two miles and six furlongs with 14 fences along the way. The early favorites of the Galway festival betting odds 2020 are out.

Galway festival betting tips for the Galway Plates

Since horse-racing is one of the biggest markets that punters get on, even the total beginners can benefit from the experience and knowledge of the wagers. Not everyone can go to the festival in person to bet, but you can still be a part of it. Online sportsbook sites in the UK give out the Galway festival betting tips and you can bet right at the spot. If you’re not sure what method to use to win the bet, you can always check out the tips from professionals to learn the perfect method to win at horse racing.

This year, the festival is going to celebrate its 150th edition. A total of 22 horses will be racing, with four places available for each bet. There are several types of betting when it comes to the Galway Festival. You can either choose the first three, regardless of the order. This one is the easiest and thus, has the lowest turn-out. Or you can predict the first two, again regardless of the order. If you are confident enough, you can place your bet on only one horse at the top spot at the Unibet Sportsbook. The last and the hardest one is to bet on the first three horses, one in each spot. This one is the trickiest of them all but has the highest reward.

The most obvious tip, but the one that people ignore is not to blindly follow only one person’s advice. It might be comforting to know that you have the same bet as legendary Dermot Weld. However, a coach is always a coach before being a wager. Even if they claim that they don’t let their emotion or favoritism in the way of the race, there’ll always be bias. In order to get a more accurate betting line, it’s important to have more than one source.

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