2020 Razzie Redeemer Award Predictions

  • The Golden Raspberry Awards “praises” the worst movies of the year
  • A special nomination helps past Razzies winners to repair their reputation
  • Adam Sandler and Jennifer Lopez are among nominees in 2020
Razzie Redeemer Award predictions, 2020 Razzies, bet on Razzies, Golden Raspberry award, Bovada
Will Adam Sandler get the Redeemer Award?
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The Golden Raspberry Awards has traditionally announced its nominations before the Oscars night. This year, Razzie Redeemer Award predictions are of special interest as it is full of A-class celebrities, who may repair their reputation. Let’s see who has the most chances to rehabilitate from past “success” at the Razzies.

A Redeemer Award at the Razzies was first introduced 6 years ago. The only “good prize” at the ceremony aims to praise previous Razzie nominees or winners, who came back from constant critical failure and managed to impress us with their acting skills. This year, the list of nominees includes the biggest stars of American films.

  • Adam Sandler – “Uncut Gems” 
  • Jennifer Lopez – “Hustlers”
  • Will Smith – “Aladdin”
  • Eddie Murphy – “Dolemite Is My Name”
  • Keanu Reeves – “Toy Story 4” and “John Wick 3”

The 40th edition of the Golden Raspberry Awards will announce its winners on March 14. Follow the best odds on favorites at online sportsbooks in the US, but read our predictions first.

Jennifer Lopez can win for her breakthrough role in “Hustlers”

Razzie Redeemer Award predictions, 2020 Razzies, bet on Razzies, Golden Raspberry award, Bovada
J. Lo did an amazing job last year [Martakis_jennifer_lopez.jpg: Universal Music Greece, uploaded on their behalf by Bratopoulosmderivative work: Truu / Public domain]
The beginning of 2020 was successful for Jennifer Lopez. A 50-years-old diva performed at the Super Bowl Halftime Show, which gave a boost to sales of her recordings. Also, Lopez got a chance to recover her film career, which was far from good after getting eight(!) Razzies nominations as the Worst Lead and Supporting Actress.

Last year, Jennifer played a former stripe dancer in “Hustlers” and this role brought her positive critical appraisal. She earned a nomination for the Golden Globes, but lost the award to Laura Dern. However, portraying Ramona Vega helped Lopez to grow in the Razzie jury’s eyes, so they nominated her for the Redeemer Award. According to Bovada Sportsbook, the actress has high chances to win – 10.50.

Eddie Murphy is a runner-up for the “good Razzie award”

Another 8-times Razzie Awards nominee, Eddie Murphy, can receive the Redeemer prize in 2020. Previously, the American actor won three Golden Raspberries at once, all in different categories. He was named the Worst Actor, Worst Supporting Actor and even Worst Actress for the 2007 comedy “Norbit”. This must be an anti-record, isn’t it? However, Eddie has a chance to repair his reputation thanks to “Dolemite Is My Name”. This biographical comedy film got 2 Golden Globes nominations, including Best Actor for Murphey. No wonder that the Razzies jury included him in the shortlist of the “good prize” nominees. By Razzie Redeemer Award predictions, Eddie has 3.50 odds to win, which makes him a runner-up in this category.

Razzie Redeemer Award predictions: Sandler leads the odds

Adam Sandler is undoubtedly the most frequent guest at the Golden Raspberry Awards. During his career, he received 37(!) nominations and won 9 of them. He even managed to win in every category in 2012 for “Jack and Jill”, including Worst Actor, Actress, Screen Combo, and Screenplay. In general, the film got 12 nominations out of 10 existing (that’s true) and won each of them. This is Sandler’s personal anti-record that will always remain in history.

Despite such an unsuccessful experience with Razzies, Adam may be praised for good this year. He is a #1 favorite by Razzie Redeemer Award predictions, having 1.44 odds on his victory. His role in “Uncut Gems” was highly evaluated both by critics and viewers. The public got mad when Sandler wasn’t nominated for Golden Globes and Oscars this year. Probably, the jury members didn’t dare to give nominations to a 37-times Razzie nominee, but this would remain their fault. All in all, Sandler rises like a phoenix in people’s eyes, so a Redeem Award must belong to him.

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