No Time to Die Bets: Can Billie Eilish Win the Oscar?

  • Billie Eilish sings the theme of the new James Bond film
  • She has a great chance to win the Oscar with it
  • Hans Zimmer is also favorite in Best Original Score
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One of the most famous pop stars at the moment, Billie Eilish will sing the theme for the new James Bond movie as it was revealed last week. After winning four Grammy awards this year, she has a really good chance to win the Oscar as well with the song. But to win a BAFTA or to be nominated for the Best Picture Academy Award is also in the No Time to Die bets. 

After announcing the singer of the new James Bond theme, different bets for the song become available straight away. The odds are quite low for Billie’s win. But you can also find some challenging bets if you’d like to risk a bit more. Some of them might seem a bit too much, even if you’re a big James Bond fan. Like getting the Golden Globe or Best Director Academy Awards.  But the film can win in other, smaller categories like before. 

An Oscar for the new theme is highly likely in the No Time to Die bets

Though the themes of the two previous James Bond films have both won the Best Original Song Oscar, winning wasn’t that obvious before. Probably you can also mention several great James Bond songs. Like Paul McCartney’s Live and let die, Tina Turner’s Goldeneye or The World is not Enough from Garbage. Well, none of them received the Academy Awards until Adele’s masterpiece, Skyfall. Sam Smith could equal her success and got the Oscar for his amazing singing in Writing’s on the Wall.  So Billie Eilish definitely won’t have an easy task to keep up with them. 

But she has already shown her talent and received awards herself, it might be worthy to bet on her. Especially as the song is great, and fits perfectly in the row of the latest songs with its melancholic sound. Eilish sings great as well and sounds like a very mature singer at the age of only 18. Online sportsbooks in the UK think her nomination is almost certain, with the odds of only 1.15. Her actual victory at the Oscar has the odds of 1.72

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Billie Eilish sings the new James Bond song Image source

The film can win the Best Original Sound Oscar too

The other categories, where James Bond films have already won Oscars are the Best Sound Editing for Skyfall. Also Best Sound and Best Visual Effects back in 1965 and 1966 for Goldfinger and Thunderball. Since then no other Oscar has arrived. But as it is mentioned in the No Time to Die bets, the film can win the Oscar for the Best Original Score. Especially as it’s composed by Hans Zimmer.  As one of the greatest composers today has already won an Oscar for the music of The Lion King and was nominated 9 more times. It might be time for him to win another golden statue, his odds are 3.00 to do so. 

Online gambling sites in the UK see little chances of the film winning the Best Director or Best Actor Academy Awards, with the odds of 15 and 17. Even director Cary Joji Fukunaga’s Oscar nomination would be quite surprising, but to see the same with Daniel Craig would be a huge miracle. No matter how much we like him as James Bond, his acting is not something we would mention within the greatest performances. 

But there is one more option to bet on, the film winning the Outstanding British Film at BAFTA. As a traditional British film, with great British actors, based on one of the greatest Brit legends, No Time to Die surely has a great chance to win, the odds are 2.50 for that.  

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