Best Football Games for iPhone

  • 7 exciting football games are available for playing
  • They have the best rating from iPhone users
  • You choose what team or player to be
best football games for iPhones

Check the list of the best football games for iPhones to stay tuned to your favorite sports. We have collected 7 mobile apps with the best reviews for your consideration, where you choose the team/footballer to play.

If you have never played football games on your device, this is the best time to try. Let one of the 7 highest-rated football games for mobile phones help you to make the wait shorter. Pick the team to play, the footballer to be or the competition to win and enjoy your time at home. Don’t forget to check the review about Bet365 Sportsbook as it helps you to stay tuned to sports. It still offers bets on football matches and some soccer e-games, so you can check them too.

eFootball PES 2020 is among the highest-rated games

eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 is one of the best mobile games of recent years. It won the award as the “Best Sports Game” in 2019 and one can hardly deny its quality. The game has good graphics, where popular football players are easily recognizable. You can choose any team or player to compete for either alone or with other users online and find the most creative ways to win.

best football games for iPhones
Play some games between your chores!

The game is available not only for iOS. Android users can also enjoy playing for famous football teams and stars. The app is also one of the highest-rated at Play Market with 4.3 points by almost 4.5 million users. The high demand for eFootball PES 2020 speaks for itself, so hurry up to try this game.

Best football games for iPhones: Soccer Cup 2020

Soccer Cup 2020 is another popular game for Apple users with a 4.0-star rating. Unlike eFootball PES 2020, this football game focuses on international competitions, where you can play for various countries. Pick your favorite team, choose kit, players, and win the cup. Do you want to prove that Messi is the GOAT even without his great moments in Barcelona? Choose him as your virtual player and let him win with Argentina at least on your app.

Soccer Cup 2020 has various play modes and realistic graphics to entertain you at home. Remember that you have to know football rules by heart before installing the app as you must pay attention to every detail on your own. The victory has never been so hard to achieve!

Soccer League: pick various football players

One of the best football games for iPhones is Soccer League: Football Games. This app is simpler to play, so even children can cope with the rival team. However, don’t let the external simplicity of graphics trick you as you still have to know the rules and make efforts to win! 

Soccer League: Football Games has a 4.4 stars rating, which makes it one of the most popular games for devices. What users like the most about this game is the possibility to play for all 11 teammates at once. You can also choose various international teams like England or Spain. We are not sure about Eastern European countries like Belarus, but you can still bet on Belarusian Premier League matches and follow them as the only ongoing competitions in Europe.

Choose Head Ball 2 to play

If you are a big football fan or play e-games regularly, you should know about Head Balls. This is the classic 2D soccer game for Androids, which was recently upgraded. Now iOS users can enjoy it too under the name Head Balls 2 with better visuals and wider gaming options. The game features popular players like Ronaldo, Messi, or Ibrahimovich, who compete 1vs 1 to score more goals. What is more interesting, you can enhance their skills and even give them superpowers to make them win. Although this isn’t a tense soccer game, it can really entertain you! Head Balls 2 has a 4.0 rating by 1 million users, which makes it quite popular on mobile market stores. 

best football games for iPhones
Check out these awesome games now!

Flick Kick Football is the best of its kind

There are many ball flicking games for iOS, but Flick Kick Football is the best one. This game is quite simple to play, so everyone will get its rules and enjoy scoring from various positions. Experiment with kicking style, choose the best distance and practice your skills until you become a pro. Flick Kick Football also lets you play with friends and pick different modes if you get bored by one. Meanwhile, you can learn about the best way to score from soccer esports games at Bet365 Sportsbook. They are held almost daily and available to follow live. If you miss football, it will also be a great opportunity to entertain yourself at home.

Best football games for iPhones: FIFA Soccer

Here comes undoubtedly one of the best football games for iPhones. No football fan can get without playing FIFA Soccer on his/her device. This mobile game follows the most popular football competitions like the Champions League, Spanish El Classico, and other top derbies. Choose the best football team from Barcelona to Liverpool and bring it to the new heights.

 FIFA Soccer has the highest rating among all football apps. Its average rating is 4.2 with more than 6 million players. Such big popularity is justified as the game has good graphics and plenty of options. You can play either online or on your own, make your own squad from various players, and get rewards for winning. If you haven’t tried it yet, don’t waste your time and download the most popular game on soccer.

Become a manager in Top Eleven

If you have always dreamt about your own football club, here is your chance to try. Together with online sportsbooks in Germany, we chose Top Eleven as the last football app worth your attention. This mobile game allows you to control every player of your team, choose the best players, and set unique winning tactics. Top Eleven is a lifelike football game with excellent visuals and many awards. It is also one of the highest-rated apps both on the App Store and Play Market with an average rating of 4.2. According to the latest data, more than 200 million users have tried this game, so join them and experience managing the whole club now!

You can learn more about Bet365 Sportsbook here.

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