Kings of Field: 10 Best Goalkeepers Today

  • Who are the brightest football stars among goalkeepers?
  • Check the top-10 best stoppers today and pick your favorite
best goalkeepers today
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If you miss football as much as we do, check the list of the best goalkeepers today. All of them are still active in sports and have no signs of soonest retirement. Hopefully, we will see them playing this year, but now let’s figure out the king of the field.

It is always difficult to rank famous sportsmen and athletes as everyone has their own criteria for the evaluation of their skills. Ranking the best modern-time goalkeepers wasn’t an easy task too, but we tried to be as unbiased as possible. Together with 22Bet Sportsbook, we have listed 10 talented players starting with the least successful. Do you want to know who topped the list of the most gifted keepers?

Manuel Neuer once topped the list

best goalkeepers today
Manuel Neuer – Image via Flickr

A 34-years-old goalkeeper Manuel Neuer is a shooting star of German football. Once he was the undeniable number one in the world, but now he is the worst of the best. Unfortunately, his career is far from being successful in recent years. Due to a few serious foot injuries, Neuer’s playing skills suffered significantly. As for now, he has the poorest save ratios in Bundesliga, but we couldn’t throw him away from the top-10 just because of some misfortunes. All football fans know that a Bayern Munich keeper was unbeatable in 2010-2016, so he deserves a spot on the list.

Thibaut Courtois is among the best goalkeepers today

Courtois is one of the most prospective stoppers for now. The 27-years-old goalkeeper joined Real Madrid just two years ago and his start in Spain wasn’t the best. However, the Belgian player finished 3rd that season by save percentage in La Liga. Things might be even better this year if only the competition wasn’t postponed.

Besides playing for Real Madrid, Courtois is the major goalkeeper of the Belgian national team. His career is more successful in his home country with several individual awards, including the Golden Glove for the performance at the World Cup in 2018. Meanwhile, you can play FIFA on your iPhone whilst at home and even choose Courtois as your player.

Wojciech Szczęsny landed at #8

Wojciech Szczęsny gained his popularity after signing for Italian Juventus. The 30-years-old goalkeeper from Poland wasn’t widely known while playing for Arsenal in 2009-2017 as well as on loan in Roma and Brentford. However, things changed when he moved to Turin three years ago. Szczęsny is now called as the best replacement for Buffon, whose achievements in Juventus is difficult to overestimate. Comparisons to such a great keeper speak for themselves, so we will follow Szczęsny’s career once football is on again.

Best goalkeepers today: David de Gea

best goalkeepers today
David de Gea – Image via Flickr

David de Gea is regarded as one of the most gifted stoppers of modern times. He plays for the Spanish national team and the English FC Man United. De Gea’s achievements in both teams are impressive. Since joining Man Utd in 2011, he won the EPL, League Cup, several Community Shields, and the Europa League. He was also called the best goalkeeper in 2017-2018 and awarded the Premier League Golden Glove.

Although de Gea’s success in Spain isn’t as brilliant as in England, he is still one of the best players in the country. He won a few U-17 and U-21 titles before debuting in a senior team in 2014. Unfortunately, Spain hasn’t been very successful at the international level since 2012, but it can still win Euro 2020 that will take place next year.

Hugo Lloris and Keylor Navas

Two goalkeepers developing their careers in France are among the most talented football stars. Lloris plays for the French national team, where he is the captain. He also leads Tottenham Hotspur FC, who helped the club to reach the UCL final last year. Hugo’s colleague Keylor Navas is the stopper in PSG, but he reached his top while playing for Real in 2014-2019. Thanks to him, the Royal Club won 3 Champions League titles. A true legend for Spanish fans, will he reach the same heights in France?

Ederson is one of the youngest stoppers

A Brazilian football star Ederson is probably the youngest goalkeeper of such a high level. The 26-years-old stopper plays in Man City for 2 years and it seems to be the rightest Pep’s choice. Ederson helped his team to take the EPL title last year, which is impressive. In addition, he has plenty of years to overcome many famous colleagues even if his club will be banned from big competitions. You can bet on Man City to lose or win the appeal against UEFA.

Alisson is one of the best goalkeepers today

Another Brazilian keeper is high on the list. The Liverpool player Alison did an excellent job this season, which led his club to the top of the EPL. His achievements aren’t limited to the domestic league though. Alisson won the UCL title in 2019. These factors helped him to receive the Golden Glove for most clean sheets in England during his first season! Taking into account his young age (27) and Liverpool’s wellbeing, Alison will top this list in the near future.

Is Ter Stegen the best?

Marc Ter Stegen is one of the best Barcelona players that are overshadowed by Messi. However, playing with the GOAT brought only benefits for their club. Ter Stegen joined Barca in 2014 and helped to win many trophies in his first season. With his participation, the FC won 2 out of 3 top competitions, which allowed Barcelona to make the second treble and become the first club in history to do it.

Besides Barcelona, Ter Stegen plays for his national team too. They have good odds at online sportsbooks in Germany to win Euro 2020 and the keeper can play the key role in achieving this goal.

Jan Oblak is number 1

Oblak from Atletico Madrid is predictably the best goalkeeper nowadays. All football sources put him at #1 and we are not an exception. This 27-years old stopper is the best in La Liga with 73.1% save percentage. Jan Oblak is known for his excellent reflexes and positioning, which make him the best stopper so far. Will he stay on top for a long time and be among the best goalkeepers today?

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