Best Players in the History of Real Madrid – Part 2, Wing Backs

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Real Madrid has always been full of incredibly talented players which made us want to introduce some of the best to our readers.

The history of Real Madrid is full of world-class football players who are the most successful representatives of this entire sport. According to several mobile betting sites, the club is mostly known for signing the most amazing strikers and attacking midfielders in the world, however, they also had many great defensive players in the past as well as in the present. Our aim was to introduce the best wing backs who ever played for the Royal Club.

Roberto Carlos is the best left-back of all time

Roberto Carlos
When talking about wing backs, the first person we must mention is undoubtedly Roberto Carlos. The Brazilian legend is regarded as the best left backs in the history of football. He was amazingly skilled, fast and powerful. He was perfect in defense, it was very hard to get through him, and he supported the team’s attacking play incredibly well. In addition, defenders and goalkeepers have never been more scared in their life when they had to face a free kick which was taken by him.

• Roberto Carlos was the best left-back ever
• Marcelo managed to fill Roberto’s shoes
• Chendo was legend on the right wing

Roberto Carlos has won the World Cup with the Brazil national team in 2002, in addition he also played the final in 1998. He was signed for Real Madrid in 1996 and played for the capital side for 11 seasons. The Brazilian managed to win the Champions League 3 times in addition to his 4 victories in the La Liga. He signed for Fenerbahce in 2007 and has retired from football by now. He became a manager, maybe one day he will return to his former club.

Marcelo was the perfect replacement for Roberto Carlos

Replacing Roberto Carlos was quite a hard job for Real Madrid. Real Madrid tried to find his replacement for a while with players like Royston Drenthe or Gabriel Heinze but none of them was a great success. However, the Royal Club signed an 18 year youngster from Brazil in 2007 January. Marcelo has been with Real Madrid ever since and he has developed greatly ever since his debut. online gambling sites in Spain report that he is the best player who could ever fill the shoes of Roberto Carlos.

Maybe it is a bit too early to announce his place among the best players in the history of Real Madrid, as he still has a lot to learn and improve and he is only 26 years old. However, he has already been playing for the Royal Club for 8 seasons, and he participated in more than 225 league games already. Marcelo was key member of the Champions League winner Galacticos in 2014, scoring his team’s third goal in the final. In addition, he is three-time Spanish champion and he also triumphed in the Copa del Rey twice, among other trophies.

Chendo spent his entire life at Real Madrid

Miguel Porlán Noguera, also known as Chendo, has been raised by the youth teams of Los Blancos and he has spent his career at the capital side. He debuted for the first team in 1982 April 11 against Castellón. That is where his legend began: He kept on being member of the club of his dreams for the next 16 years. He played as a right back and he also played 26 games for the Spanish national team.

Chendo made 363 league appearances in Real Madrid which puts him on the list of the players with the most games in Los Blancos. During his time at the Royal Club, he has won the UEFA Cup twice and was member of the Champions League winner side in 1998, however he was not a key member of that team. In addition, online betting sites report that he also won the La Liga 7 times and the Spanish Cup twice among other trophies.

Michel Salgado became great successor of Chendo

Michel Salgado
Michel Salgado has signed for Real Madrid in 1999. He played for Celta Vigo and Salamanca before that. The blonde-haired right back has played 10 seasons at Real Madrid, however he was forced to bench when Sergio Ramos arrived in the season 2006/2007. He was key member of the Royal Club and the Spanish national team as well.

Spanish gambling news report that Salgado has played 254 league games for Real Madrid before trying himself in the Premier League upon his transfer to Blackburn Rovers. Michel Salgado won the Champions League twice with his favorite club and he also claimed 4 league titles to mention only a few of his successes with the Galacticos.

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