What Were the Best Poker Hands of the Decade?


Posted: April 24, 2020

Updated: April 24, 2020

  • There were many memorable moments on poker competitions
  • These 5 poker hands entered history as best of the best
  • Where are lucky winners now?

Do you want to see what lucky card combinations brought millions to their holders? Then check the list of the best poker hands of the decade! Here are the top-5 most iconic moments from various tournaments that look too good to be true.

Poker games became even more popular during the 2010s. The mass development of the Internet made poker competitions available to everyone and helped us learn about the most iconic moments ever happened at the WSOP and other tournaments. In particular, we have collected the list of 5 best poker hands of the decade that brought their owners to wealth & victory. So, who are these lucky men?

The best poker hands of the decade #5

One of the most memorable moments in poker history took place online. Yes, playing online casino games in the US can also bring you to the new heights and make you famous! This happened to Victor Blom from Sweden. Under the nickname Isildur1, this guy was competing with Patrik Antonius from Finland at the beginning of the decade.

The game was in its full flow when Blom got 6, 7, 8, and 9 in his hand. At the same time, Antonius possessed the A-K-K-3 combination. The Swedish player decided to risk and got 5 and 9 on the table. He won the game against Antonius with the following victories over two other players. The overall jackpot he got was nearly $2 million, which is one of the highest-winning money prizes in online poker history!

The best poker hands of the decade #4

The end of the 2010s delivered another unforgettable story from poker competitions. Two American pro players were fighting for the main prize in PS Big Game. Phil Hellmuth from Wisconsin had Ace and 9 in his hand, while Ernest Wiggins from Washington had two Kings. Yet 9, 10, 9 followed later, Wiggins accepted the risky bet and won with the King in the last round. Later, it turned out that playing live poker trained the future champion and helped him to make the first steps in this card game. First, he was beating his friends and earning small cash; and then he won a tournament against a professional player.

best poker hands of the decade
Do they have a good hand?

The best poker hands of the decade #3

An interesting situation happened in a Robl vs Lewis vs Tymoshenko competition. In 2010, these three were playing Party Poker World Open VI.  Andrew Robl had a pair of 9, Toby Lewis – 2 queens, and Tymoshenko’s hand was a pair of two. As a result, both Lewis and Robl both hit quads with their pairs. However, there must have been only one winner, so the fortune smiled at Lewis. Having had a hand of the Four of a Kind, he celebrated the victory and left their third player Tymoshenko just speechless. And we can hardly imagine how disappointed Robl was to lose a pot of $383.000 with a hand of four 9’s!

The best poker hands of the decade #2

When it comes to poker, a bluff is an essential part of the game. Players can lose the pit even with a relatively good hand if they are convinced in the opponent’s supremacy. Something similar took place at one of the World Series of Poker tournaments last decade. An amateur poker player Chris Moneymaker bluffed and won almost $2.5 million with the bracelet. Although his highest card was a king, he made his rival Sam Farha give up his pair of 9’s. What is even more interesting, Farha was a professional poker player, while Moneymaker was relatively green in gambling. Don’t you think his last name helped him to win?

best poker hands of the decade
What’s the absolute best?

The best poker hands of the decade #1

According to the Bovada Casino information, Antonio Esfandiari won one of the biggest jackpots in poker history. In 2012, he hit more than $18 million at the World Series of Poker. He entered the final competition as a leader by chips, but almost gave up during the tournament. His winning card was 2 of hearts, which made him a winner over 6 competitors. Sometimes even the smallest card matters.

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