Best Movie Slots With the Most Realistic Features

  • These are some of the best slot games with movie themes
  • Visit 888casino to find the movie slots for almost all of your favorite movies
  • Don't forget to check the value of the single bets of the game before you play
best movie slots

It’s been years since movies are branching out of the screens to reach their fans. Be it a Captain America themed cereal or a bed sheet with Harry Potter on it, the merchandise industry is booming. Luckily for us, online gambling sites in the US haven’t stayed behind of this trend too. There are hundreds of slots with movie themes in those sites. Out of them, here are the 10 best movie slots of all time.

The great thing about this movie slots is that there’s something for everybody. The Wizard of Oz and Indiana Jones slots will catch the attention of any fan of the old classics. As for the superhero lovers, Marvel and DC themes slots like The Dark Knight Rises and Captain America are out there for the rescue. You can even see some of the most recent hit series like Stranger Things and Game of Thrones. 888casino offers the most recent and fun movie slots as well as big hits like Jurassic Park. Check out how to win money on easy slots from here.

Jurassic Park movie slot

This one is probably what has started the boom of the movie slots. Jurassic Park slot designed by the Microgaming was such a success that there’s now several versions of the game. Our best pick is the one in the 888casino. The original version of the game might seem outdated with the old school graphics and somewhat longer delay between the turns. However, the new version of the game has kept some of the classic games such as the 5 reel, 3 row matrix, 243 winning paylines. Besides that, the graphics and speed are unlike anything before. There are 4 different stages in the game to choose from, all packed with free spins and symbols that multiply the payouts. The relatively low range of the betting possibilities make it the perfect movie slot for the beginners. However, the £0.3 to £15 bet amount might not satisfy more advanced players.

best movie slots
What’s the best movie slot?

Dirty Dancing slots

Now who can forget about this 80’s classic? All the things that made you fall in the movie is included in the slot, making the game one of the best movie slots. Playtech has designed the game to have that 80’s glamour with faded graphics and notice-me-colors of hot pink and icy blue. The visual aspect of the game is not really favorite of the players as the nostalgia can be easily confused with the lack of developments in the graphics. Either way, you’ll get the experience of the movie while playing your favorite game through the soundtracks and film stars’ features.

Game of Thrones

There are not many TV shows that has successfully grabbed as much attention and love from the fans as Game of Thrones. Through 8 seasons of rigorous planning and fighting for the Iron Throne, the show has managed to get millions and millions of fans from all over the world.

Microgaming, one of the best slot game makers in the market saw the big hit as an opportunity. With collaboration with the HBO, they have created a movie slot game that no fan can pass along. The five-reel, three-row slot game has proven to be successful as soon as it has launched. Visit 888casino to fight through the land of Westeros straight to the Iron Throne.

best movie slots
Oldschool slot

The Dark Knight Rises

This slot game  based on a 2012 big hit is one of the classics of the 10 best movie slots. Playtech has designed and programmed this 5 reel video slot. The game has 576 ways to win, and is compatible with any device of your choice. You can choose your single bet which starts from 40p up to 80 pounds. The bonuses and visual of the game makes it one of the best movie slots Playtech ever has designed. The symbols in the Gotham City can multiply your winnings by 25x. Also you can collect free spins and multipliers as you go on with the game.

The Wizard of Oz slots

There are many movie slots that has adapted its theme from the people’s favorite the Wizard of Oz. The movie has four very distinctive characters and magical setting. It’s no wonder why the movie is a perfect fit to be theme of the video slot games. We’d suggest playing the version on the 888casino. Even though the games are equally amusing, this one is the one with the most features. You can choose your stakes based on your liking. To decide whether the low or high stake is right for you,check out the bet amounts and limits of the levels.

You can discover more about 888casino here.

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