How To Win Money on Easy Slots – Dos and Donts of an Online Casino

  • Winning money on easy slots is possible if you know the tricks
  • Lots of online casinos offer video slots
  • You can forget about the magnets or big Bettys before you start reading this article
how to win money on easy slots

The slot might look a simple game to play, which in truth it is. However, that doesn’t mean that there are no strategies or tips on how to win money on easy slots. There are, in fact, more than hundreds of tips and tricks on how to optimize your income in the slot machines.

Due to its simplicity, slots are the favorite of the beginners. Also because of its nature, it’s the easiest to convert into an online game. Thus it’s one of the staples of any online gambling sites in the UK. For online gambling games like slots, it might seem like that it depends solely on luck, but the practiced players are claiming the difference. There’s no way we can get a little bit of luck out of the picture, but no luck in the world can help you if you don’t now the stables of the game you’re playing. So here are some fool-proof ways on how to win money on easy slots.

The odds of the slot machines are unchanging and automatic. There’s nothing you can do to change the odds. There are some scam artists who have tried tricking the slot machine who have ended up being arrested and put in jail. So anything you’ve heard about magnets and cheating algorithms, get them out of your head.

Do your research on how to win money on easy slots

Slots may be the only online casino where you can not only trust your fellow players but also take their advice. Since the performance of one player doesn’t affect the others, the players are usually keen to help each other. Read through blogs, posts and online conventions on how to win money on easy slots. They’re quick to call out the ones that don’t give the payouts or advertise the ones that they like. Since they have the first-hand experience of the games, you can trust them to have fair judgment.

Choose the games smartly

how to win money on easy slots
An old-school slot in the US

For the video slots, the higher the bet is, the payout rate tends to be higher. For example, the rate of the dollar games tends to be around 90 percent while it’s around 80 for the cent games. Not only the best value but also the number of slots affect the payout. So basically, the higher the risk, the higher the payout. Before you learn how to win money on easy slots, determine your intention for playing the slots.

However, keep in mind that you’re going to lose as much money as you win too. Well, probably not as much but playing the slot games thinking that you’re going to win, win and win is just unreasonable. So choose the game based on your intention. If you’re playing just for the fun and to spend time then be safe and go for the small bets. If you’re playing for the money, you know what they say- go big or go home, right? Our favorite video slot by far is from Unibet casino. They offer the most beginner bonuses and the switching speed is much higher than the whole experience is extremely exciting, to say the least.

How to win money on easy slots with free spins

If you’re wondering how to win money on easy slots, free spins are the easiest way. Lots of online casinos in the UK offer either bonuses or free spins if you’re new to the game. It basically means that you can play the game to win real money without spending a cent. Once you get more familiar with the game, you can play with your own money.

However, we can’t stress enough how important it is to be safe while enjoying your game. Unfortunately, there are many scams and unreliable casino sites that offer bonuses to lure players in. So if you see an unlimited free spin or hundreds of dollars of bonus, check their credibility first. All of the sites our site mentions are audited and legalized by the UK Gambling Commission.

 Have a budget before you start playing

This one is more on how to gamble responsibly than how to win money on easy slots. However, we believe that this is no less, or maybe as important as the tips we’ve offered. You’ve practiced with the free spins, won some, lost some, and got a rough idea about the game. Now you’re ready to play with some real money.

Before you start playing, have a certain budget in your mind. Choose the game you want to play and see the bet of each game. Once you know how many rounds you can play, keep that number in your mind. Never play over your budget. It certainly is tempting to have one more round, who knows when the big win is coming, right? Well, the problem is nobody does. Slot games are famous for their randomness. Whether you win or not won’t be affected by how much you spin. So if you’ve reached your budget, close the browser and walk away from your device. Never play with more than you can afford.

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