5 Clubs With the Most Popular Football Merchandise


Posted: March 31, 2020

Updated: March 31, 2020

  • Learn about FC that sells the most merchandise
  • Ronaldo or Messi: who’s jersey is more popular?
  • Read our article about the best-selling merch items too

Ranked! Here are top-5 clubs with the most popular football merchandise of all time. These football clubs can boast of the-best selling products with their logo, so let’s learn their names. We bet that the leader will be unexpected for many fans. 

Recently, we wrote about the most popular football merchandise by item. According to the data taken from online stores, we ranked the best-selling products in sports. Here they are:

  • T-shirts
  • Balls
  • Pins
  • Backpacks
  • Car air fresheners

If you want to learn more about football merchandise, read the first part here. Meanwhile, we will rank 5 football clubs selling the most items with their logo on. So, which FC’s merch is the most popular among fans?

5 most popular football merchandise by club

To rank the best-selling football merch, we took yearly statistics from the 2011-2016 period. Therefore, the numbers will represent the average coefficient of T-shirts that were bought per year.

Chelsea FC

Chelsea opens our list of the most popular football merchandise sold by the club. The English FC occupies the 5th position on the list with 1 million shirts sold annually. This is a good result for the club that decayed significantly since its glory days. However, past victories at the Champions League and EPL did their job and the London club is still one of the most popular in England.

most popular football merchandise
most popular football merchandise

Interestingly, Chelsea sold more than half of its merchandise thanks to Eden Hazard. The current Real Madrid winger played for the London club in 2012-2019 and managed to win fans’ hearts. Almost 600 000 T-shirts sold in the Chelsea official store have #10 on their back. By the way, online sportsbooks in the UK still have some bets on Chelsea, you can take a look at them.

Bayern Munich FC

The 4th best-selling football club by merch is Bayern Munich. The German dominating FC slightly outruns Chelsea by the number of merchandise sold annually (1,2 million). The boost of Bayern’s popularity on the international level took place in the past decade, when the club won the Champions League in 2013. Then the row of victories came to the Munich FC: FIFA Club World Cup, UEFA Super Cup, absolute dominance in the German championship. No wonder that such success brought its merch to the new heights. If speaking about the most popular football player with the best-selling jerseys, Robert Lewandowski has the most. Yet the Polish player joined Bayern in 2014, he gained mass popularity in Europe after his performance in Borussia Dortmund.

Barcelona FC

Catalonians are the bronze holders on the list of the most popular football merchandise. This is a surprisingly low position for one of the most recognizable clubs in the, isn’t it? However, the favorite club at Bet365 Sportsbook sold 1,27 million of their merch during 2011-2016, which is the 3rd best result. Probably, you will not be surprised if we say that most (if not all) T-shirts were sold with Lionel Messi’s name. The GOAT is Barcelona’s ace and the most recognizable player ever. All in all, we still wonder whether this coefficient will go down, as Catalonians are far from being in their best shape these days.

Real Madrid FC

Another potential leader of the top-5 most popular football merchandise sellers, Real Madrid finished second. The Royal club sold 1,65 million T-shirts last decade, which is just 100 000 less than the number 1. Unlike Barca or Chelsea, this Spanish club showed sustainable success in 2011-2016, which allowed it to stay on top.

When it comes to the best-selling player, no comments are needed. What did you think about while you were hearing about Real Madrid last decade? Obviously, it’s Cristiano Ronaldo. This Portuguese player was the club’s trademark and probably still is so.

Manchester United FC

The #1 club with the most popular football merchandise in the past decade is Manchester United. The leader of the list sold 1,75 items of its merch in the 2010s, which allowed it to outrun other giants like Real or Barca. At the same time, most T-shirts with the Man Utd logo were sold with Paul Pogba’s jersey on. Congratulations!

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