What Is the Most Popular Football Merch in the World?

  • Scarfs, T-shirts or banners: what is the most popular merch ever?
  • We have ranked the 5 best-selling football items of all time
  • Read about clubs selling the most merch soon
most popular football merch
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Even if you don’t buy merch, it will be difficult to argue that items created based on famous people, characters or franchises are extremely popular among their fans. Football is not an exception; moreover, it delivers the majority of thematic clothes, accessories, and replicas. If you want to know what is the most popular football merch in the world, here is our top.

Having examined sales statistics of football merchandise, we found out two interesting things. Firstly, there is a list of the most popular football merch based on product kind. Secondly, there is a top-5 of football clubs selling the most merch. We will separate them from each other to make it clear what merch items and FC merch are the most popular among football fans. Follow online sportsbook news in Germany to see the next part!

The most popular football merch by item: top-5 

There are various kinds of merchandise in sports and football in particular. You can find posters, banners, flags, cards, clothes, sneakers, uniforms, balls, statuettes, keyrings, pins, fresheners, bedsheets, umbrellas, backpacks, cups among the most widespread merch and this is not even the full list! However, we learned about the top-5 best selling items and here they are.

Car fresheners

Car air fresheners belong to the list of the best-selling football items ever. Surprisingly? Some people also have a question about them. Why should a fan buy a product with the logo of his favorite FC and keep it away from people’s eyes? The answer is simple: most football fans are males who are addicted to cars as well. Their cars are their fortresses, so placing a nominal Barca freshener in the saloon makes a big sense for them. Also, some fans don’t like to boast with their favorite club, so keeping such a useful thing for themselves is also understandable.


Backpacks are the other most popular football merch, according to the biggest online shops. This item would be useful even without a logo on its surface. However, many football fans mix business with pleasure and express their dedication to a particular FC by showing its logo every day. We know that Liverpool backpacks are among the best-selling ones, which is predictable to happen after their victory at the 2019 Champions League. Bet on the EPL favorite at 1xBet Sportsbook as it seems that the club can change its manager soon.


Do you remember how many teens were wearing pins in the 2000s? Well, they lost their past popularity in 2020, but there are still many football fans addicted to this merch. Pins are small and usually well-designed, so even adults can wear them nowadays. They are popular in the whole Europe, so if you are from Germany, for example, you should order one with Bayern or Borussia. Meanwhile, you can still earn money from the top clubs. Online sportsbooks in Germany offer betting on eSports competitions among the most popular football clubs across Europe.

most popular football merch
Arsenal Merchandise Stall – Image source: The Geograph


Replicas of balls from big tournaments like CL or UEFA Euro are extremely popular among football fans due to many reasons. Firstly, each ball made for the big competition is a unique trophy that changes its design every year/four years. Secondly, collecting balls from major championships is prestigious in football communities. Finally, it is a symbol of soccer and there’s nothing to add.


You should have known what would be the first. Although there are many merchandise clothes like scarfs, sweatshirts, and uniforms, T-shirts are the most popular football merch ever. Regardless of age, gender, and preferences, fans will always buy them. Why are T-shirts so popular? Probably, because of the tradition of swapping jerseys.

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