The Best Renovator is Revealed: Bet on the House Rules 2018 Winner!

Posted: July 13, 2018

Updated: July 13, 2018

House Rules is back with season 6. This year, everything is grander than the last. We now have 7 couples renovating 7 houses in a period of two months! As the show’s ending nears, take a look at the odds for the most likely House Rules 2018 winner.

It’s always fun to see different interpretations of the 5 house rules. The contestants in this TV show renovate each other’s houses based on those guidelines. The winner of House Rules 2018 is the couple with highest scores.

So far, we are done with the phase 1 or the interior renovation and one couple has been eliminated: Leigh and Kristy. For online gambling in Australia, we have to bet on the House Rules 2018 winner before the 22nd of July 2018, after the completion of the gardens and backyards’ renovation!

House Rules 2018 Winner: Leading OddsHouse Rules Mel and Dave

The best online betting sites in Australia name Toad and Mandy (1/5) as the bookies’ favourite to win House Rules 2018. Who would have thought that two dairy farmers would be so good at renovating? But we shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves yet, because Toad and Mandy have some serious competition.

Although Mel and Dave’s (4/1) odds are not as good as Toad and Mandy’s, their scores are actually the highest at the end of phase 1. These two couples are neck-to-neck in the competition with only 3-point difference.

You might wonder why the odds differ so drastically. Well, the difference is Mel and Dave take more risks. The couple either receives the highest or the lowest points in each round. On the contrary, Toad and Mandy has consistently earned good scores throughout the show!

Who to Avoid Betting On?

The first ever mom and daughter pair in House Rules, Kim and Michelle, have decent winning odds at 11/1. However, they have the lowest scores at the moment and we suspect that they would get eliminated soon.

On the other hand, Jess and Jared (25/1) have a different story. They could become the House Rules 2018 winner if they wanted, but they don’t. Jess revealed in an interview that she is giving up. She said “We’re very happy and grateful for the opportunity we had, but in terms of reality, we’re hanging up our boots.” This is why bets on Jess and Jared should be avoided.

In conclusion, you should bet on Mel and Dave (4/1) at Unibet Sportsbook if you trust in their risk-taking way of renovations. If you think stability overrules, Toad and Mandy (1/5) would be the best choice!

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