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Posted: May 28, 2024

Updated: May 28, 2024

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There are several places to visit if we wish to have a gambling trip. However, in this list, you are going to see some of the best US states for gamblers. Each city represents a different value, giving you a more unique and authentic experience. From Nevada to Illinois, we have covered some of the key cities to visit, in case you wish to have a traveling experience mixed with gambling.

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Gamblers love to travel around, this solid hobby keeps millions of people connected from all over the world. Of course, we always have to consider our destination every single year. This is why we have collected the best US states for gamblers. If you wish to travel around and have a gambling experience at each stop, then this list is going to be the greatest guide you’ll ever see. Of course, you can easily play remotely on your phone by registering at any of the online casino sites in the US.

These states offer much more than just a legal online service. Rather, you will have a whole experience of different concepts, artistic expressions, gastronomic discoveries, and much more! Join us and discover the greatest American cultures for those who love the thrill of taking risks.

Nevada – Best US States For Gamblers

Let’s start our list with Nevada, the home of Las Vegas. Sin City is known for its former mob-controlled entertainment industry. However, Nevada also has iconic Western culture, such as Reno. You can learn more about the extensive history of gambling in Nevada, but it is undeniable that Las Vegas is the capital city of gambling when it comes to the United States.

From the Caesar’s Palace to the Wynn, you are going to find all sorts of casino resorts here. This is where they play the offline tables for the WSOP, and this is where the most glamorous pop stars tend to host their concerts. There are several different activities to do in Nevada, and this is for the party gamblers! If you wish to stay at home, a good alternative would be Ignition Casino.

Gambling places in Nevada

New Jersey, Atlantic City

Surely the best US state for gamblers, we have the home of Atlantic City. There are many reasons to visit New Jersey. One of the main things is the wonders of Atlantic City. If you always wanted to go to the beach, have some gambling games, and then take your sunbathing routine, then it is the best opportunity for you. According to the VUE New Jersey, The casino culture in New Jersey is mixing the old and new styles of gambling elements. 

There are several casinos to be found in New Jersey. The casino chains who felt like there was no longer space in the competition, have decided to invest more into their Atlantic City version. This is for tourists who are interested in a beach paradise gambling experience. Nice citrusy cocktails, and amazing poker nights with the locals.

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Pennsylvania – Best US States For Gamblers

When we are thinking outside of Atlantic City and Nevada, we have several choices. Our first pick would be Pennsylvania. This urban city is the most beautiful during autumn, and it feels like a rather tight community. The beauty in Pennsylvania comes from the realistic, near-street experience with the old-style casinos.

According to PennLive, the industry earned roughly $ 66 billion from gamblers across the nation. This is greatly contributing to the general well-being of the community. Roads are being repaired, schools are being supported, and of course, mental health treatment for problem gamblers. Pennsylvania is an ideal place for gamblers to live in. A friendly place, with one of the realest atmospheres.

Pennsylvania gambling games

South Dakota

Want to visit Mount Rushmore? Have a rather native experience with US gambling? South Dakota is the place to visit. Going to South Dakota will let you connect with the nature of America, while also allowing you to have an authentic experience. South Dakota has several different casinos. And to stay up to date with the local law, we recommend you take a look at our US betting legislation megathread.

In conclusion, we believe that South Dakota is one of the best US states for gamblers. Especially the type who wants to retire in a calm and peaceful community. Just laying back, playing old-style casinos with not too much glamor, yet the highest available quality. The South Dakota gambling scene is going to feel like a whole retirement into a fictional community for sure. Especially after visiting Las Vegas.

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Florida – Best US States For Gamblers

Florida is becoming more and more popular. With one of the best states in the US, these cities are going to welcome all sorts of gamblers. Florida has a heavy focus on their sports scenes and local communities. Therefore, we highly recommend Florida for those who enjoy serious business, with top-quality relaxation. Some of the online gambling laws in Florida can be pretty interesting. But overall?

Those who seek a Florida gambling experience, will not complain about the finer details. When you visit, you have to appreciate the vibe first, and only then visit some of the casinos. Currently, the sports betting scene has started to rise, despite the questionable legal status and the easily-avoidable law.

Florida snapshot


Illinois is, to say the least, a safe space. This is where great rappers like Kanye West come from, and the general culture of Chicago is something to adore. According to The Daily Illini, they are trying to keep gambling as clean as possible, setting the age limit to one that fits the average college student’s age. Thus, people who might have more important financial challenges, are not allowed to gamble.

This is making the community even more saturated, as you are going to feel like you play among healthy people. The same is not exactly true for many states. Illinois is going to be a breath of fresh air, and while it is only the seventh most popular gambling state, at the same time? We believe it is one of the best US states for gamblers. If you are interested in playing online, just register at Ignition Casino.

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