Best Reasons You Should Only Play Max Bets on Slots


Posted: April 2, 2024

Updated: April 2, 2024

Every who plays at the casino, especially on the slots, is dreaming of a big win. They hope the reels of the progressive jackpot games will line up and reward them with a life-changing amount of mullah. However, many fail to realise that the size of winnings is dependant on how many paylines are utilised. The truth of the matter is that max wins only come from playing max bets.

As online slot gambling keeps growing rapidly, savvy players have realised that asking the right questions can give them an edge over the online casino like King Billy Casino. Some of these questions are straightforward, like where to find the highest RTP. They usually lead to clear and helpful answers. However, others are more subtle. Things like what habits can harm a gambler's success in the long run? Today, at, we're tackling a question that falls in between: when should you play max bet on slots when visiting online casinos?

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A Slots History Lesson

There was once a time when the answer to this question was simple: always. This was back in the 1960s and 70s when slot machines were booming in brick-and-mortar casinos all around the world. The games back then were simple and nothing like the diverse offerings we have today at the best online casino sites in the US. Back then, almost every slot machine had three common features:
  • Three reels instead of today's standard five.
  • Only one payline.
  • A bigger jackpot for maximum bets.
This last point to play max bet on slots was crucial. For an example of this, let's take the classic analog slot Double Diamond Deluxe. Its jackpot paid out 800 coins for one coin bet, 1600 coins for two, and 2500 coins for three. This disproportionate increase in the jackpot for max bets meant that players who bet the maximum had much better odds than those who didn't. According to online casino news in the US, game designers and casinos loved this setup because it encouraged players to bet more, leading to increased profits for the iGaming industry. Smart players also benefited since they could gain a slight advantage over the average player.

Max Bets On Slots - A New Beginning

However, this setup didn’t last. When online and video slots began dominating the industry in the 1990s, designers attempted to maintain the same payout structure by offering slightly better odds to players who wagered the maximum.
max bets on slots
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Yet, they quickly realised players weren’t biting. Why? Because the games had evolved! The classic 3-reel slots, which had long been the norm, seemed outdated compared to the new offerings. Who wants to spin three reels with one payline repeatedly? That's why we have moved on to play max bet on slots.

The Effects Of New Video Slots

In truth, the emergence of video slots marked a significant leap in complexity. Like today’s games, they typically featured five reels, multiple paylines, and bonus features on separate screens. Yet, with this complexity came more options for players. Instead of choosing between 1, 2, or 3 coins on a single payline, players now had the choice of wagering 1 to 5 coins across multiple paylines. Designers noticed that in this new environment, few players were willing to bet the maximum on every spin for only a slight increase in RTP. Consequently, they phased out the disproportionate payout boosts for max bets. In modern slots, it’s generally advisable to activate all paylines. But keep in mind, there’s usually no added benefit to betting the maximum every time. However, there is one significant exception players should be aware of when they play max bet on slots. The online progressives!

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Introduction Of Progressive Jackpot Slots

As experienced players are well aware, the world of slot bonuses offers a vast array of features. From instant cash rewards to free spins and non-progressive jackpots, there's plenty to look forward to. However, the decision-making gets trickier, especially regarding whether to bet the maximum, when it comes to progressive jackpots. These networked jackpots accumulate over time, often from numerous players and various games, sometimes reaching staggering amounts. In fact, many of the largest slot payouts in history have been from slots with progressive jackpots.

More Coins For The Max Bets On Slots

Progressive jackpots initially appeared in the classic three-reel analog slots. Typically, these jackpots were only accessible to those betting the maximum three coins. Consider the example of Double Diamond Deluxe: if the jackpot hasn't been won in a while, the actual payouts for one, two, and three-coin bets might be 800, 1600, and 70000 coins, respectively. As you can imagine, this significantly alters the odds. When the payouts are 800, 1600, and 2500 coins, the max bet on slots offers slightly better odds. With a top payout of 7000 coins and increasing.
max bets on slots
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In that scenario, anything less than to play max bet on slots would seem illogical! Fortunately, for players with smaller or medium-sized bankrolls, which includes the majority of slot enthusiasts, modern progressive jackpots typically don't require maximum bets to qualify for the top prize. However, qualification is one thing, and maximising odds is another. Consider it from the designer's perspective: is it fair to give a player wagering $0.10 per spin the same chance of winning the top jackpot as someone betting $10.00 per spin? Probably not. But it's also not entirely fair to limit those top prizes to only the highest bettors, as this isn't the best idea for long-term business.

What Are Mystery Jackpots?

The most common solution is referred to as mystery jackpots. It looks something like this: in a 25-payline slot, the jackpot size is chosen by a Random Number Generator (RNG). For each $0.25 wagered, $0.01 goes towards the largest jackpot. The player who pushes the jackpot total up to the RNG-selected chosen number, wins the jackpot. In this example, a player betting the minimum $0.25 would get one chance to win the jackpot per spin; one betting $2.50 per spin would get ten chances; while a punter betting the maximum $25.00 would get 100 chances. In this situation, though bigger bettors get more chances to win the big payday, all players get the same payback percentage.

The Bottom Line - Wagering The Max Bet On Slots

In today's world of fast slot gaming at online casinos like King Billy Casino, it's seldom used to wager the maximum to secure the best odds. However, there are some rare exceptions. These are games with a progressive jackpot that mandate you play max bet on slots or an additional wager to qualify for it. In such instances, if you're unable or unwilling to meet the requirements for jackpot eligibility, we suggest opting for a different game or one that's more in tune with your bankroll.

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