The Best Way to Play Bottle For Money

  • The Bottle is a great high-quality game of chance
  • It follows the kissing game rules but rewards with cash
  • Play The Bottle at chosen gambling sites to win real money
play Bottle for money

Everyone knows Bottle as a popular kissing game played at friendly parties. Gamblers know it as a funny game of chance where one can win some cash. If you want to know where to play Bottle for money, read our guide.

The Bottle is not only a popular party game where you have to spin a bottle and kiss the person that it is pointing at. It is also a popular mobile game where you can get familiar with people across the globe. The Bottle can be a shooting game or a flip game, but one of the most exciting versions of this game remains the same-name game from online gambling sites in Russia. Why? It can be played for real cash!

How to play Bottle for money as a gambling game?

The Bottle is a funny and exciting game of chance you can find at some gambling sites. It slightly features the original kissing game: you have to spin the bottle and it will point at one of three beautiful ladies sitting in a circle. Instead of kissing the one that the bottle is pointing at, the player will get one of three prizes held by each lady. Two ladies will multiply your stake by x2 and x4, while the third one will take all your money.

play Bottle for money
Let’s spin the bottle!

To learn how to play Bottle for money at online casinos in Russia, here is a step-by-step guide:

  • Place a bet. This is the first step that has to be done before the game starts. At 1xBet, the minimum you can bet is $0.15, while the maximum is $340. Also, you can choose fixed sums you can wager on the outcome of each round;
  • Spin the bottle. If you don’t want to do it manually, you can choose the auto spin function (it can be turned off any time);
  • Wait for the bottle to point at one of three ladies. Your winnings depend on your luck: if the bottle stops at ladies with a glass of champagne or cigarette, you will get x2 and x4 respectively to your stake. In the case of “bothering” a lady with a gun, you get nothing.

Best sites to find the Bottle game for real cash

The Bottle game as a gambling activity is quite an exotic game for online casinos. Not all gambling sites offer this game to play but you can find it at chosen casinos.

1xBet Casino and 22Bet allow gamblers to play Bottle for money. To win cash from this rare game, you have to sign up for a casino, proceed to 1xGames or 22Games depending on the site you play at, and follow the instructions written above. 

The Bottle itself is a high-quality game with good visuals made in neon purple and blue colors recreating the club atmosphere. Animation aka flashing lights helps to feel those great party vibes. Finally, three beautiful ladies at the bar are pleasing the eye. If you miss it all due to the lockdown, play Bottle for money right now!

You can discover more about 1xBet Casino here.

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