Bet on ALP to Win the NSW State Election

Australia NSW state election race is very tight. The Coalition and Labors are neck on neck in the polls. However, we recommend choosing the Labor Party (ALP) to win and its leader Mr. Daley to become the new premier when betting on the NSW state election.

bet on the NSW State Election
Choose Mr. Daley to become the new premier when betting on the NSW state election

Labors have jumped from 31.5% to 34.1%, while the Coalition plunged from 41.9% down to 36.5% in recent polls, according to The Sidney Morning Herald. Worrying signs are also coming from other states like Victoria where Liberals suffered a spectacular loss in November.

Online sportsbooks in Australia still favour the Coalition government in New South Wales state to win a third term on 23 March 2019. That means choosing the Labor Party to win the election is more profitable. Betting on the NSW state election is available until December 31.

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  • Coalition to win: 1.5
  • Coalition to lose: 2.5
  • Australian Labor Party to win: 2.5
  • Australian Labor Party to lose: 1.5

ALP Leader Daley Leads in Polls

Gladys Berejiklian
Gladys Berejiklian

Australian Labor Party expected to take a hit in the polls after their former leader in the NSW state Luke Foley resigned amid sexual harassment allegations in November. Labors had to appoint new leader Michael Daley. Despite Mr. Daley has been in the top job only for a few weeks, more than 54% of voters think he would make a better premier than the current PM Gladys Berejiklian.

It looks like Labors enjoy an art of winning close electoral contests. They will certainly learn a lot from their stunning victory of 56 seats out of 88 seats in the Victorian lower house. Sitting in the opposition at the federal parliament seems to benefit Labors in states. They will use their criticism of the federal Coalition government to try winning the NSW as well.

Coalition Lost the NSW State Seat of Wagga Wagga

According to online sportsbook news in Australia, the Coalition (Liberal Party and the National Party) should be concerned of the prospect of being plunged into minority, especially after they lost the NSW state seat of Wagga Wagga. They held Wagga Wagga since 1957. Yet in last September, they lost the seat in byelection to the independent McGirr by 59.6-40.4.

The Coalition leader Gladys Berejiklian, who became the NSW premier 20 months ago, is failing to cut through with voters. She has been successful in building infrastructure and balancing the budget, but the voters seem to be unconvinced that a Coalition government deserves a third term. If you share the same thought, you can bet on ALP to win the NSW state election in next March.

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