Do The Nations League Semi-final Odds England Get Tempt You?

After that success against mediocre sides at the World Cup the three lions are once again on the march in the latest excuse UEFA have come up with to swan around other countries at the fan’s expense. The 2019 Nations League semifinal odds England garner at bookies like Bet365, one of the best online betting sites in the UK, may at first sight tempt you to believe they could actually win this daft tournament, but remember this is England, and football isn’t coming home.

UEFA Nations League odds of England
In the Nations League Semi-final odds England get second billing to Portugal but can they really beat the Netherlands?

The 2019 Nations League semifinal odds England get at Bet365 etc for their match against the Netherlands are, frankly, a tad generous. Led by Gareth Southgate, a man who has to wear a waistcoat on the touchline because otherwise he’d look like a semiliterate plasterer that had wandered in and taken charge, England have come on leaps and bounds from the dark donkey days of yore, but that said their weaknesses against Croatia and Belgium in Russia were obvious.

Away from set pieces, and their hugely amusing (and only sometimes effective) “love train” approach to corners, their performance in open play leaves a lot to be desired. Whilst Harry King and Co are a fairly young side that’s no excuse for some of the undisciplined panic they’ve a tendency towards when their careful pre-game strategy fails to win them the lead. Even if you like to bet on sports in the UK the 2019 Nations League semifinal odds England get are odd.

Nations League Odds

  • Switzerland – 6/1
  • Netherlands – 3/1
  • England – 7/4
  • Portugal – 2/1

Can The Swiss Catch The Portuguese Out?

Gareth SouthgatePrecisely why the bookies like Bet365 give them just 5/4 on winning simply isn’t borne out by their record, and at those 2019 Nations League semifinal odds England are getting any temptation should be tempered by the meager margin. Not that backing the Netherlands at 11/5 is any more tempting frankly, and a draw at 9/4 somehow feels like a cop out in a game you just know will be settled inside ninety minutes. The other semi-final will probably be sorted out far, far faster.

Portugal taking on the Swiss is one of those games where a giant-killing is the best you can hope for and with the cuckoo clock collective getting 4/1 that might be worth a punt if you’re taking advantage of UK gambling laws. Do remember that the winners of Euro 2016 get just 8/11 to win from Bet365 and are likely to trample the milk chocolate exporters inside twenty minutes making those 2019 Nations League semifinal odds England get look comparatively pedestrian.

Nations League Semi Finals

  • Switzerland – 4/1
  • Portugal – 8/11
  • Netherlands – 11/5
  • England – 5/4

2019 Nations League Semi-Final Odds – England 5/4 At Bet365

The 2019 Nations League semifinal odds England are given by bookies like Bet365 seem almost a kneejerk reaction to tabloid jingoism and rabid social media feeds, their realistic chances against the Dutch 50/50 on a good day. Perhaps why they only get 7/4 to win the Nations League behind obvious favorites Portugal at 2/1. The Dutch get 3/1 for their sins and the Swiss a paltry 6/1 for which they should be grateful, after all, they don’t really stand a snowball’s chance.   

If you’re in the UK gambling news on June 7th will be of a win for Kane and Co put your money on the line. The 2019 Nations League semifinal odds England get aren’t unreasonable, but nor do they in any way tempt and the wiser course might be to bet on the Swiss to catch Portugal on a bad day, and wait for the final before backing England. Gareth Southgate has worked miracles with the ruins of English football, but next June 6th it could be more Dunkirk than D-Day.

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