Bet on Champions League Round 16

Bet on Champions League Round 16

Finally, the Champions League is back and it’s got some spectacular games on its long-awaited return. Some of Europe’s biggest heavyweights will go head to head over tonight and tomorrow’s encounters, so make sure take a quick look at our preview below and place your bets with online sportsbooks in UK.

Basel v Man City – H 11.00 (10/1) D 5.00 (4/1) A 1.36 (4/11)

Let’s be honest, Man City virtually have one hand on the Premier League trophy thanks to their impeccable performances this season. And in the Champions League it’s no different, which is why they’re ranked as the top favourites to win this year’s competition – it would be their first ever if they manage to do it. So this game against the Swiss side should be a routine victory for Pep Guardiola’s men who have been firing on all cylinders and have become a nightmare for any opponent facing them.

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Juventus v Tottenham – H 2.04 (1/1) D 3.29 (16/7) A 4.33 (10/3)

Juventus reached the Champions League final last season – their second final in 3 years – but they narrowly missed out on the title. This season they’ve added even greater strength with some great singings which could seriously see them reach the latter stages of the competition, while Tottenham on the hand have lost the momentum that they enjoyed for the greater part of last season. Tt seems that Harry Kane’s goals Dele Alli’s teamwork seem to be saving them for now, but we doubt that will be enough to overcome the Old Lady this week in Italy, so we’re placing our bets on the Turin side to win.

Bet on Champions league 16

Will Tottenham’s defence be able to stop this Argentine from scoring? (source: Independent)

Porto v Liverpool – H 3.10 (21/10) D 3.60 (13/5) A 2.37 (11/8)

The Portuguese side have displayed promise in the group stage, having finished second in Group G with 10 points during the group stage. But now they’ll face perhaps their biggest challenge yet in the form of Jurgen Klopp and his “gegenpressen” which has a track record of its own for causing troubles for opposing sides. Normally, we’d place our bets on Liverpool to seal a win, however we’re not sure how they’ll respond to the Portuguese crowd, so a draw might be the safest bet for this match, while in the return leg we’d be willing to bet the Reds will get the better of Porto in front of the Anfield support.

Real Madrid v PSG – H 2.50 (3/2) D 3.75 (11/4) A 2.79 (9/5)

And the biggest clash of the round of 16 is reserved for last on our list (although they’ll play at the same time as Porto v Liverpool). The high-profile encounter at the Bernabeu won’t be an easy one, so it’s hard to predict which side will emerge victorious in the first leg. Los Blanos have essentially lost the domestic league already to Barcelona, so they’re likely to focus their efforts on the competition that they’ve won a record 12 times.

After acquiring Neymar and Mbappe last summer, the Parisiens have become a “tour de force” in European football, so it’s no surprise providers of internet betting in France are giving them strong odds against Real Madrid. All in all, we reckon this match will see both nets get struck a few times, but in the end will finish with a draw.

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