Australia Politics Betting Odds: A Tight Election Race in the Lower House

Australia politics betting odds

Australia is returning to the global media next month, as it will witness two important state elections and one federal seat by-election on March, 2018. The Australia politics betting odds suggest a tight race between incumbent majors and new parties on the rise.

According to online sportsbooks in Australia state election will be held in Tasmania an island state to the south of the Australian mainland. Two weeks later the election will be held in South Australia State the fourth largest state that covers some of the most arid parts of the country. In meantime a by-election for the Australian House of Representatives seat of Batman will be held following the resignation of Labor’s David Feeney. The Australia politics betting odds propose the incumbent parties to lose the election, and Labors to be defeated particularly in South Australia and in the by-election.

Tasmania state election winner predictions

In the state of Tasmania the election race looks very tight between the Liberals and the Labors. The Liberal party holds 15 of the 25 seats, but there are wide speculations that the Liberals will lose seats in the upcoming state election on March 03. Thus even if they lose some seats, it’s not obvious whether the Labor Party will be able to form a new government, or the Liberals will return as a minority government.

Although at Unibet Sportsbook the Labor Party is ahead under its popular leader Rebecca White with odds standing at 1.80, several opinion polls show that Liberals are likely to gain 34% (down 3 since August, 2017), Labor 34% (steady), and the Greens 17% (up one). It looks like a tight race will take place and no party will be able to form a majority government.

Australia politics betting odds on South State Election

Australian politics betting odds

Two weeks after Tasmania election, Australians will head to the ballots on March 17 to cast their vote for the new members of the 54th SA parliament. Online sportsbooks in Australia expect a new rivalry to emerge over the two incumbent majors, as Nick Xenophon’s SA Best party is gaining popularity, and even some polls show that he may win more seats than either the Labor or Liberal parties.

The parliament has 47 seats in the lower house, and it was dominated by the Labors. The SA government currently led by Premier Jay Weatherill, will seek a fifth four-year term. Only few months ago it was expected that the current Premier Jay Weatherill will be challenged by the opposition Liberal party, before the stunning rise of the SA Best party. According to Unibet Sportsbook it will be a tough race, and although Liberals are the favourites with (2.25) odds, the SA Best are very close with (2.75) odds, while Labors dropped to the bottom with (3.25) odds. No one appears to secure a victory, but you may go with the surprise SA Best if you wish to add some excitement to your bet.

The Greens to dominate Batman by-Election

On March 17 another major test for the Labor Party will be on the vacated seat of the Melbourne electorate of Batman at the lower house. The former member David Feeney of the Australian Labor Party resigned on Feb 01 amidst the ongoing citizenship crisis, as he failed to produce documentation confirming he had renounced his British citizenship, leading to a by-election for the vacant seat.

According to online sportsbook news in Australia Batman has historically been a very safe Labor seat but in recent years it has come narrowly close to being won by the Australian Greens. Although David Feeney has stepped aside to let someone else try to hold back the green tide, Australia politics betting odds at Unibet Sportsbook suggest the Greens are the favourites to win the by-election with odds standing at 1.30, while Labors have higher margins of 3.50.

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