Bet on Chilean Politics: Presidential Election 2017 Second Round

bet on Chilean politics

The turnouts of the Chilean general election fell below expectations in the first round, as the billionaire businessman Sebastian Pinera failed to win outright and avoid a run-off, receiving just 37% of the vote. With uncertainty looming over the winner in the second round, it became more exciting now to put it on a bet. Use the opportunity to bet on Chilean politics: presidential election 2017 second round, before Dec 15.

It looks like finally Chile has entered a new political era. For nearly three decades after the end of Pinochet’s dictatorship almost same faces dominated this South American country. Thus following the first round of Nov. 19 general election, new parties helmed by fresh leaders that emerged victorious. Online sportsbook sites expect a tight race on the second round in 17 Dec, as Mr. Pinera, the 67-year-old ex-Chile president will face Socialist contender Alejandro Guillier who received 22,7% of the vote. Although the race is not far from over, our speculation stands with a victory to Mr. Pinera, and here is why.

Bet on the Billionaire against the Ex-News Anchor

Bet on Chilean politics

Guillier in a campaign rally (source: CGTN)

Guillier, a 64-year-old former journalist is campaigning on promises to continue the current President Michelle Bachelet’s plan to increase corporate taxes, reform constitution, improve pension and health care system. Yet Mrs. Bachelet is ending her presidency as the least popular, because of the economic woes and a real estate scandal involving her family. How far does his plan bring enthusiasm among the people? We think, not that much.

On contrary, the conservative favorite Mr. Pinera, a Harvard-educated entrepreneur, is using the disenchantment with the current center left government to boost his campaign, by proposing to cut taxes, promote growth and make fresh investments in infrastructure. His proposed reforms are also the main weapon against Guillier who is called by Pinera’s supporters as a “Chilean Maduro”, considering his potential victory would have catastrophic effects on country’s economy.

Who will decide in the Run-Off?

Eight candidates were standing in the first round of the presidential race. The most notable result was the rise of the second leftist candidate Beatriz Sanchez, of the Broad Front. She took just 3% less than Guillier, receiving a share of 20%. Ms. Sanchez has been scathing about Mr. Pinera, but she is also reluctant to endorse Mr. Guillier, which makes her supporters not that excited to cast their vote in Dec 17. Other possible alliance can be between Mr. Pinera and Jose Antonio Kast who received 7% of the vote. This time coalitions – although they are unsettled yet – will be crucial in deciding who will become Chile’s next president.

Bet on Chilean politics

Sanchez had a much better result than polls had expected (source: U.S.NEWS)

Where to Bet on Chilean Politics: Presidential Election 2017 Second Round!

Frankly it is not that easy to find many online sportsbook sites that present odds for placing a bet on Chilean politics: presidential election 2017 second round. However one of the few betting sites offering reasonable odds is Vbet Sportsbook, where Sebastian Pinera is ahead of his opponent with odds standing at 1.65. Thus Guillier’s odds are 2.10.

If you wish to take coalitions in consideration before placing your bet, then you will be probably puzzled, because Chilean coalitions are often provided behind closed doors and in family circles without long term perspective on nation’s interest. Therefore we recommend you to look at both candidates’ proposal and charisma before selecting your winner.

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