Bet on the CIS Minor Championship in London 2018!

Posted: June 25, 2018

Updated: June 25, 2018

To all avid Counter-Strike Global Offensive followers, we are here to present the odds for your bet on the CIS Minor Championship London 2018!

FACEIT is organising a Major CS:GO circuit with which the CIS Minor Championship is a part of among others. According to internet gambling news in UK, a lot of teams from the Commonwealth of Independent States start competing from May 14 to July 13, 2018. Now, we are left with 8 teams to bet on the CIS Minor Championship 2018. Their battle will be in Twickenham Stadium, London. Advancing to the Major circuit is the common goal here!

Closed Qualifier Rankings

3 teams ranked third in the closed qualifier round. The names include AVANGAR, Pro100 and Nemiga. According to online betting sites in UK, AVANGAR (3.800) have the best odds to win CIS Minor Championship 2018 among the teams placing third. Their odds are a lot better than Pro100 (8.059) and Nemiga (18.260).

The main takeaway here is that AVANGAR dominates Minor circuits. When betting on the CIS Minor Championship 2018, the Kazakh team must be in your list. Within the year 2018 only, AVANGAR has swept home seven out of eight Minor victories! The Ukrainian team Pro100 and Belarusian Nemiga do not stand a chance against AVANGAR.

The Number One CIS Qualifier

Spirit (4.830) and HellRaisers (2.840) are the first ranked teams in the CIS closed qualifier. Both teams won 3 straight rounds. Thus, it makes sense to bet on the CIS Minor Championship 2018 winner to be these two. When online gambling in UK, not only are Spirit and HellRaisers good for Minor circuits but also for the Major circuits! Below, you can see how HellRaisers’ teamwork helps them in games:

Maps to Make the Most Return

The best CS:GO betting sites have given us advice on maps with the most guaranteed return. Cache and Train are the said maps. Cache depicts Pripyat in Ukraine, somewhere near the Chernobyl Power Plant. When betting on the CIS Minor Championship 2018, don’t forget to choose Cache (2.250) for the highest percentage of T-side win. Because entrances to the bomb sites are wide, it’s easier to kill the Counter-terrorists (14.910).

On the other hand, the Train map is a train yard in Eastern Europe. This map supports the CT-side win percentage the most at 3.690. The width of the back hall and the accessible bomb sites aid Counter-terrorists. With Train, terrorists may find it hard to win.

Bet on the CIS Minor Championship in London 2018!

HellRaisers (2.840) are the bookies’ favourite to win CIS Minor Championship 2018. Following close behind are Spirit (4.830) and AVANGAR (3.800). So where can one bet on the CIS Minor Championship 2018? Head to Pinnacle Sportsbook and you can find many CS:GO winner and map bets!

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