A Bet On Dovizioso In Misano Isn’t Complete Madness, Is It?

Bet On Dovizioso In Misano

The last time a Ducati won at Misano it was 2007 and Casey Stoner was riding the bike, but after Silverstone the MotoGp season this year is as close as ever and presents a tantalizing opportunity to make a bet on Dovizioso in Misano at Bet365, a wager where your head and heart can act in unison, along with a fair proportion of Italian bike racing fans backing Andrea Dovizioso to win.

  • Can championship 9/1 chance Dovizioso win on home turf on an Italian bike?
  • Will 12/1 chance Valentino Rossi spoil the day of the Ducati rider?
  • Should 4/5 Championship favorite Marc Marquez worry about his Honda blowing up again?
  • Is Vinales going to shorten his 5/1 2017 Championship odds with a victory at Misano?

It was an act of god. There can be no other explanation. Repsol Honda bikes don’t blow up. They just don’t. They’re as reliable as sun rise. Always have been. However in the final stages of the British Moto GP the championship leader Marc Marquez found himself sitting atop a two million dollar piece of smoking scrap metal that just happened to have two wheels attached, and instantly the number of people placing a bet on Dovizioso in Misano jumped as the true nature of that race became apparent.

The San Marino & Rimini Coast Moto GP will see an Italian rider, on an Italian bike, leading the championship as he starts a race in Italy – oddly the San Marino Moto GP has never been held in San Marino, but there’s already an Italian MotoGP at Mugello, so go figure – and as you can imagine Italian race fans are lining up to bet on Dovizioso in Misano at Bet365, and if you like to bet on sports in Italy perhaps you should too. Can Ducati really pull off a win on Italian soil? It’s been a decade since they did.

MotoGP Misano Track
Misano Track (source:

Can Ducati Win In Italy For The First Time In Ten Years?

Misano has been Honda territory for the last couple of years. Dani Pedrosa and Marc Marquez taking the wins for 2015 & 2016, and before that Yamaha seemed unstoppable, Valentino Rossi winning in 2014 following three years of back-to-back victories from Jorge Lorenzo. Still, Ducati have just won two races on the bounce, in Austria and the UK, so a bet on Dovizioso in Misano at Bet365 isn’t an act of complete madness, it just tends toward flying in the face of recent historical facts, like them losing.

The top of the table in MotoGP is so close this year. Fifth place Dani Pedrosa has 148 points, behind No. 4 Valentino Rossi on 157, leaving Maverick Vinales at 170 in third only four points adrift of Marc Marquez on 174 just an engine explosion behind Dovi who sits in the lead on 183. With Repsol Honda bikes blowing up, any one of these guys could win the championship, literally anything could happen, so take advantage of Italian gambling laws to bet on Dovizioso in Misano, you may as well, he could win.

Head Over To Bet365 To Bet On Dovizioso In Misano

2017 San Marino & Rimmi Coast Moto GP

Date – September, 10th
Location – Misano, Italy
Length – 4.2km (2.63 miles)
Turns – 16
Laps – 28
Record – Lorenzo 1:31.868

Indeed you may wish to start thinking about taking up the 9/1 odds that Dovizioso is getting at Bet365 to win the Championship itself. Oh sure Vinales is still 5/1 ahead of him, and Marc Marquez is favorite at 4/5 (perhaps reflecting the latter half of the season comprising mostly of tracks that lean toward the characteristics of the Honda). Not that this will stop 12/1 shot Valentino Rossi in San Marino going for his second win of 2017, and if you don’t bet on Dovizioso in Misano a bet on The Doctor could be in order.

Of course any Italian gambling news headlines on the Monday morning after the race will be screaming of a Ducati home victory, with pictures of the lad from Forlimpopoli grinning from the top of the podium might just be stretching things a little too far, it’s a lovely idea but the chances are it won’t unfold in quite the way Ducati would wish. A bet on Dovizioso in Misano is a superbly romantic gesture but you have to wonder, just how hard will an angry Marquez be riding after his crotch bomb last weekend?

Marc Marquez
Marc Marquez

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