Ferrari Will Be Betting On Vettel In Italy, But Will You?

Betting On Vettel In Italy

After the cars finished a tire-eating forty four laps of Assen for the Belgian Grand Prix, and we’d all stopped laughing at the new owners of the F1 Group displaying lemming-esque tendencies in the sphere of eSports, all eyes swiveled to Ferrari who get to race at home next weekend. The question is; should you be among the hoards of Ferrari fans betting on Vettel in Italy at Bet365 or will Mercedes spoil the party?

  • Can 10/3 chance Vettel win for Ferrari in front of their home crowd?
  • Could Nico Hulkenberg outshine his 500/1 odds at Bet365 to win the Italian Grand Prix?
  • Should you back Lewis Hamilton to win at Monza for a fourth time?
  • Are the 40/1 shot Red Bull cars worth an each way bet in Italy this weekend?

If Sebastian Vettel has a theme tune right now it’s very probably David Bowie with “Under Pressure” as he and Kimi Raikkonen head to Monza, one of the most famous circuits in the world, to race in front of Ferrari’s home fans. To say there is a little extra onus on them to perform this weekend would be an understatement as this hallowed track is just a short hop from the car crazy Milan and regularly draws a massive, often quite partisan, crowd most of whom will back Ferrari and be betting on Vettel in Italy.

Of course betting on Vettel in Italy isn’t quite as romantic as it first appears, he is leading the F1 World Championship, a small but significant seven points ahead of Mercedes rival Lewis Hamilton, has won here three times before, and seems to have calmed down a lot since that hot headed moment in Azerbaijan when the race in Baku boasted some tire barging. Taking advantage of Italian gambling laws to back Vettel to win this one at Bet365 then isn’t entirely a choice made with rose tinted glasses.

Can A Ferrari Win The Italian Grand Prix For The First Time Since 2010?

2017 Italian Grand Prix

Date – September 3rd
Race No. – 13
Location – Monza
Length – 5.793km
No. Laps – 53

Of course the fly in that particular ointment is the knowledge that Mercedes have won here for the last three years in a row, and two of those with Lewis Hamilton at the wheel. There might be nothing quite as iconic of F1 as the blood red Ferrari cars sweeping through the tree-lined corners of this hugely fast circuit, except possibly someone else winning. The last time a Ferrari won the Italian Grand Prix was with Fernando Alonso in 2010, so don’t bounce over to Bet365 to start betting on Vettel in Italy blindly.

Those of you that like to bet on sports in Italy will know that the media is already piling on the pressure, and whilst most people at Ferrari are betting on Vettel in Italy at least one person in the team isn’t, and that’s Kimi Raikkonen who, armed with a fresh contract, came in fourth at Assen ahead of Valtteri Bottas. He knows what a win at Monza would mean to the Ferrari fans, and he’s never been content to be a second tier driver, so you can expect him to go all out, and might well be worth a wager at Bet365.

Monza Track 2017
Monza Track, 2017

Get The Best Betting On Vettel In Italy This Weekend At Bet365

Admittedly that wager should really be each way, at 14/1 the bookies like Be365 don’t really see Raikkonen having much of a chance of winning, however with the race at the table top so close, and both Hamilton and Vettel being prone to aggressive driving, you just don’t know what might happen in that first corner, and if betting on Vettel in Italy isn’t your idea of fun but you still want to back a Ferrari Kimi is your only other choice. Vettel himself only gets 10/3 to win some way behind the favourite Hamilton at 8/15.

Nico Hulkenberg, 2016
Nico Hulkenberg, 2016

Both the Red Bull cars get 40/1 to win, which shows just how much flat-out speed counts at Monza, all the aerodynamics and cornering grip in the world won’t stop someone with a more powerful engine getting by and leaves people like Esteban Ocon, Nico Hulkenberg and Sergio Perez, way back on 500/1 to win despite being right up there with Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen. This is Ferrari home turf and Vettel winning will make Italian gambling news headlines, big ones, but the likelihood is Hamilton and Mercedes will spoil this party but good.

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