Will Lars Lagerback’s Positive Brainwashing Techniques Work Against Germany?

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What do you think about positive brainwashing techniques? Can they work on professional football players? We are about to experience its capability…

Lars Lagerback is talking about positive brainwashing techniques. Lars Lagerback is the coach for the Norway national football team, and Lars Lagerback is about to face Joachim Low’s German side in only a few days. They will play in Germany in hopes of beating the World Cup holders in a World Cup Qualifier.

As the Germany v Norway WCQ match is highly expected, online sportsbook news sites in Norway are extremely preoccupied with what Lars Lagerback has to say about the upcoming fixture. And he indeed has said some interesting things about the match against the World Cup holders…

”Winners must act as winners”

The positive brainwashing techniques used by the famous manager seems pretty easy and relatively obvious at first: if we want to be winners, we must behave like winners, we must act like winners and we must work as winners. It’s pretty much the same as “fake it till you make it”, implied to the professional footballers’ scene.

Will simple positive brainwashing techniques like this be enough for an obviously weaker side to overcome all their disadvantages and be capable of beating the team that is the clear favourites at all online sportsbook sites in Norway? It would work perfectly in a Hollywood movie, but can it work in real life in a World Cup Qualifier?

Can Lagerback make his players believe that they are good enough and they have it in them to beat the reigning World Cup winners? Norway will start against Azerbaijan which is expected to be an easy victory for them. Can they gather enough courage and confidence to beat Germany as well?

Check out the best odds for Germany v Norway!

The positive brainwashing techniques will most probably help the Norwegian footballers believe that they are the true winners against Azerbaijan. And they are most likely to win that match: the odds for Norway to win are 1.61 (61/100) in the online sportsbook directory. However, their chances are a bit different for their next battle…

“If we want to be winners, we must act like winners” – those are Lagerback’s words and those are the things he believes in. He expects these positive brainwashing techniques to work in football. But those who are looking for the best odds for Germany v Norway, might not be so thrilled about Lagerback and his positive brainwashing theory.

Lagerback Norway Germany

Not sure if they are trolling me or they actually expect results from positive brainwashing… (Photo: SkySports)

Unfortunately, online sportsbooks refuse to reveal their odds for Germany v Norway. However, we can be sure as hell that they won’t mind Lagerback’s word about his positive brainwashing techniques: the German side will be favourites to beat Norway as they are favourites to win the group and qualify for World Cup 2018.

The only questions that is yet to be asked is if the German side will have high enough odds for us to worth wagering on them, or will the odds for Norway to beat Germany be too tempting not to try and place a bet on it. What are your thoughts on the importance of mental toughness in football? Do you believe in positive brainwashing techniques applied on Lagerback’s men? Will you bet on them? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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