Bet on Europa League 2018 Semi Finals: Can Arsenal Win UEL 2018?

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The UEFA Europa League 2018 semi-finals draw has been held today shortly before the UCL SF draw.

And the results are just as exciting as they were at the UCL SF draw. We will tell you what online sportsbook news sites in France expect from the upcoming Europa League 2018 semi-finals, but before we get into that, we would like to take a review of what happened in the previous round. Here is how We saw the Europa League 2018 Quarter-Finals.

How the UEFA Europa League Quarter-Finals went down

Eight teams, 4 duels of the highest stake: to reach Europa League 2018 semi-finals. CSKA Moscow went against title-favourite Arsenal. The English teams won the first leg easily by 4-1. The second leg seemed exciting at 2-0, but the final result of 2-2 explains an easy qualification for Arsenal. Marseille’s qualification was a bit stronger even: they lost the first leg 1-0 to RB Leipzig, but won 5-2 on the second leg. It was a real demonstration of power.

However, Red Bull weren’t left without a team in the Europa League 2018 semi-finals: Salzburg lost 4-2 to Lazio in Rome but won the second leg 4-1 in Austria, which meant qualification for the Austrians. The biggest favourites to win Europa League 2018 are definitely Atletico de Madrid, who lost 1-0 to Sporting in the second leg, but their 2-0 victory in the first leg was still good enough of a result for Diego Simeone’s men.

Bet on UEL Semi-Finals: which teams will make it to the Final?

As you can see, the four teams who made it to Europa League 2018 semi-finals are Arsenal, Atletico Madrid, Red Bull Salzburg and Olympique Marseille. The best part is that similarily to UCL SF draw, at Europa League 2018 semi-finals the two biggest favourites will also face each other: Atletico are playing against Arsenal in hopes of reaching Europa League 2018 Final.

The odds for Arsenal to win the first leg are 2.50, while those for Atletico are 2.80. However, online sportsbook sites in France are much more optimistic when it comes to Europa League Final qualification odds: for those, Atletico’s chances are rated at 1.50, while Arsenal to knock Atletico out odds are 2.40.

The other match is expected to be much less exciting with two weaker teams, but that shouldn’t keep you from watching the game and betting on it. The odds for Marseille to win the first leg are 1.78 at Bwin Sports and the odds for Marseille to reach Europa League 2018 Final are 1.62. Salzburg’s odds are 2.15. Can they cause yet another surprise?

Who will win UEFA Europa League 2018?

Currently, Diego Simeone’s men have the best odds to win Europa League 2018. The odds for Atletico to win Europa League are 2.15 at Bwin Sports. It’s not a surprising data: the Spanish team is the most experienced in continental tournaments of all, having played (and lost) 2 Champions League finals in the past 4 years. However, they have good enough chances to win Europa League again, after 2012.

Their biggest rival have the chance to stop them in the semi-finals as the odds for Arsenal to win Europa League are 4.00 at Bwin Sports. Marseille is there as well with their 4.50 odds, but if you want to bet on the underdogs, you should definitely pick Salzburg. They are obviously the biggest overachievers of the season and they seem to be eager to continue.

Do you think Red Bull Salzburg can go on to win the title? If so, you should definitely take advantage of the 7.00 Bwin Sports odds for Salzburg to win Europa League 2018. Who do you think will win the tournament? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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