Why a Bet on the Far-Right at the EU Elections Is Good for Gamblers

  • How two parties are getting radicalized
  • A bet on the far-right at the EU Elections is the safest choice
  • France and Italy are the next countries to embrace extremism
Bet on the Far Right at the EU elections 2019 Le Pen Putin
Someone's super happy about the rise of the far right...

Between the 23rd and 26th of May, citizens of the EU will go to the polls to decide who will have seats in the parliament. These elections will be crucial for the Union’s future, as they might mark the end of the centrist coalition. Gamblers will benefit from a bet on the far-right at the EU Elections.

Europe is seeing a rise of right-wing populism, as the majority of countries seems to be willing to rewrite history all over again. It is in this way that online sportsbooks in Austria are predicting 5 alarming years ahead of Europe. Below, there are the main countries that will contribute to these changes.

Two parties challenging their membership in the European People’s Party

Austria and Hungary have been the leading “voices” of the far-right in Europe as they have defied European values with their migrant policies. 

After the 2017 elections, the Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP) started a controversial coalition with the Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ). Albeit the party’s close ties to its former neo-nazi identity.

Sebastian Kurz is leading the country in this dangerous path.  As a foreign minister, he introduced anti-Islam laws. And at the height of the refugees’ crisis, Kurz was responsible for strengthening the borders and closing the Balkan route. Alongside his stands on nationalism, this has increased the current Chancellor’s popularity among Austrians.

Bet on the Far Right at the EU Elections Putin Kurz
Le Pen is not the only EU leader Putin supports…

Hence, the ÖVP’s government is contributing to the normalization of certain ideas that can damage the European ideals. The party’s odds of winning in Austria are 1.91 and right behind them is FPÖ with 3.2.

In the neighboring country, Viktor Orbán is becoming a hero for conservative politicians. Since Fidesz went back to power in 2010, it has reintroduced a new constitution, changes into the electoral system and reduced the freedom of the press. Hungary has also anticipated strict border control in Europe, by building fences along its borders. These measures have been helpful for the autocratic rise of Fidesz.

The main problem is that the opposition is unable to fight the party’s dominance. So, its odds of winning are 1.01 against Jobbik’s 17 at 22BET Sportsbook.

Despite their similar policies on immigration, Kurz has approved the recent sanctions against Hungary. He has also been one of the politicians to reprehend Fidesz’ newest campaign for the EU elections. But even if these issues can bring animosities between the two leaders, the truth is that they are both detaching themselves from the EPP values.

Le Pen and Silvani confirm the safe bet on the far-right at the EU elections

The latin counterparts of ÖVP and Fidesz have been ascending in their countries ever since their leaders came into power.  

In France, Marine Le Pen has softened the National Rally image and brought it into the mainstream.

Last November, the yellow vests started taking the streets of the country. The extremist protesters spoke up for better standards of living and the resignation of Emmanuel Macron, among other issues. Naturally, Marine Le Pen, by publicly supporting the movement, took this opportunity to amplify her party’s ideals.

This increasing discontentment of the French is one of the reasons why online sportsbook sites in Austria are favoring the National Rally (2) as opposed to Macron’s En Marche (2.375).

Marine Le Pen EU Elections 2019
Will she be a leading force in the EP?

To the south, Matteo Salvini is turning the League into a very prominent party in Italy. Traditionally a Northern party, it has recently surprised in the elections in Abruzzo and Sardinia.

Italy has been failing compromises with the EU for a couple of years now. The Minister of the Interior’s predecessor, Marco Minniti, was responsible for reducing 87% the flow of migrants. Now, Salvini closed the country’s ports to migrants, refusing to comply with the EU deal and undermining, even more, the European solidarity. Therefore, he has continued his propaganda anti-migration and has received wide support not only from the right-wing fractions. Italy is embracing these ideas and the media is full of anti-NGO campaigns. 

Salvini has also recently proposed and Italian-Polish, to withstand France and Germany. Besides, the League is expected to become the second largest party in the EU parliament after CDU/CSU according to national polls. Their odds of winning are 1.25 at 22BET Sportsbook. The Five Star Movement (3.74) is expected to be the second most voted party.

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