WSL Women’s Betting Odds

  • Tyler Wright is recovered and ready to win
  • WSL Women’s betting odds predict a very competitive year
  • Lakey Peterson might win after last year’s tour
WSL Women's Betting Odds 2019 Tyler Wright
Tyler Wright is the bookie favourite!

The 2019 WSL World Championship is kicking off in April with the best surfers in the world competing for the title. The WSL Women’s betting odds show that Tyler Wright might be claiming her title back, after a sudden turn of events last year.

According to online sportsbooks in Australia, Stephanie Gilmore will repeat the 2018 conquest. But she should watch out for her fellow competitors because last year saw big improvements in their careers, overall.

WSL Women’s betting odds
Rank Surfer Odds
#1 Tyler Wright 5.00
#2 Carissa Moore 5.50
#3 Courtney Conlogue 6.00
#4 Lakey Petersen 6.50
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Tyler Wright to come back stronger after a tough 2018

The Australian surfer has more than 13 World Tour titles and was the World Champion in 2016 and 2017. Last year, she would have possibly won as well, if only she hadn’t fallen ill with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

WSL Women's Betting Odds 2019 Tyler Wright
Tyler Wright was amazing in Maui, 2017.

Wright has been changing the way women surf since the beginning. She will be competing with a wildcard in 2019 and will certainly provide amazing spectacles with her tube ridings.

The free surfer (5.00) will revenge her unlucky year and fight for her third World Championship title.

WSL Women’s betting odds are promising for Carissa Moore

The Hawaiian proved in 2018 that she is still a top-class surfer. After a troubled couple of years, she won her first Paul Mitchell Supergirl Pro and finished the Tour with 4 incredible exhibitions.

WSL Women's Betting Odds 2019 Carissa Moore
The once-prodigy is back in the business!

A once surf prodigy, Carissa Moore’s career envies most athletes. In 2008, she became the youngest surfer to win an event at the Triple Crown of Surfing in Hawai. She is also a three-time winner of the WSL World Championship. And for five years, the title was disputed between her and Stephanie Gilmore.

She has her motivation back after 2018 and is ready to become a fierce competitor to Gilmore again. Her odds of winning are 5.50 at Bet365 Sportsbook.

Courtney Conlogue might finally become World Champion

Known for her powerful turns, Courtney Conlogue was able to recover last year’s tour by winning the Vans US Open and the Roxy Pro France. The American surfer was confronted with a foot injury, which caused her to slow down earlier in 2018.

WSL Women's Betting Odds 2019 Courtney Conlogue
Victory is not an unknown word for Courtney Conlogue!

She has been establishing her career throughout the years. In 2015 and 2016, she was a runner-up of the WSL World Championship. After the incident and the way she was able to recover from it, she is definitely someone to consider for this year’s championship title.

She (6.00) might finally win this year, as online sportsbook sites in Australia show.

Lakey Peterson will give continuity to her incredible 2018

The current no. 2 in the ranking, Lakey Peterson was very close to becoming World Champion last year. She won the Roxy Pro Gold Coast and the Corona Bali Protected. The American had the best year of her career and only lost the title in the last event, in Maui.

Lakey Peterson | Zero to 100 | Lower Trestles Teaser from LIEBER FILMS on Vimeo.

Peterson has also been contributing for a more distinctive surfing style in the female circuit. At 14, she helped popularize the aerial move in women’s surfing, as she was first to pull one while on the competition.

Without a doubt, she is expected to repeat the incredible exhibition this year and her odds of winning are 6.50 at Bet365 Sportsbook.

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