Should You Bet On Khan To Batter Vargas In Birmingham?

Amir Khan is still chasing that fight of his dreams against Manny Pacquiao and his return to the Welterweight division has been an explosive statement of that goal, but now up against the Colombian Samuel Vargas is that fairy tale still on the cards or has that ship sailed? Should you bet on Khan to cruise through this fight as he did his last or bet on Vargas at Bet365, one of the best online betting sites in the UK at present, to throw a spanner into the works when the two face off in Birmingham?

Amir Khan
Amir Khan (source: Boxing AIBA
  • Can Amir Khan beat his own record of a win inside 39 seconds?
  • Will Samuel Vargas beat those 8/1 odds to surprise the Bolton boxer?
  • Should you bet on Khan despite the price at Bet365 only being 1/20?
  • Could this bout go the distance or will Amir knock Vargas out?

At 31 it would be very easy to say Amir Khan has left it a little late to start chasing the big money and that he should have been displaying this sort of hunger for the big stadium fight of his dreams against Pacquiao a couple of years ago, perhaps fighting Floyd Mayweather along the way, instead of which he wandered off into the Middle Weight division and, disappointingly for the many who’d bet on Khan to win that bout, got knocked out by Canelo Alvarez in the 6th round. Something he had to make up for.

His return to the welterweight division was always going to be exciting and the fight against Phil Lo Greco attracted a lot of attention with many betting on the Canadian to beat the boy from Bolton, and if you like to bet on sports in the UK (and boxing in particular) chances are you know how that turned out with Amir Khan destroying him in less that forty seconds of the first round. It was a devastating display and one that will almost certainly attract many to bet on Khan, even if the odds hugely short.

Watch Amir Khan Destroy Phil Lo Greco In 39 Seconds

“One of my aims this year was to be as active as possible,” Amir has said, “so I’m very happy to get back in the ring again so soon against Samuel Vargas.” But the Bolton boxer isn’t dismissive of his opponent and indeed you can bet on Khan to be diplomatic despite the odds which explains why he graciously allowed that “Vargas is a tough and well-schooled fighter, who has shared the ring with some top welterweights including Danny Garcia and Errol Spence Jr.” But he doesn’t stand a chance.

Bet365 are giving just 1/20 odds for a bet on Khan to win this fight, something that will doubtless worry the Vargas camp more than a little, especially when that price is weighed up against the 8/1 that they’re handing out on their own fighter to win, and that’s no real surprise after the Lo Greco fight and the fact that on paper Amir is rocking far better stats, but if you’re in the UK gambling news headlines on the weekend will scream of another sub-one-minute bout, think again, this will be no picnic.

Find The Best Odds To Bet On Khan At Bet365 Today

Big Boxing Bout Betting

  • September 8th 2018
  • Birmingham Arena
  • Welterweight Division
  • Amir Khan – 1/20
  • Draw – 25/1
  • Samuel Vargas – 8/1

Not that you should bet on Khan to admit it, he’s already described the up coming fight at the Birmingham Arena as being a “walk in the park”, and somewhat amusingly claimed that his “sparring sessions were probably harder than what the fight is going to be.” Along with the classic description of his opponent’s hopes saying “I don’t think he has a chance in this fight. He is killing himself making the weight.” Which isn’t so far from the mark to be ridiculous despite just how overconfident it sounds.

Amir Khan and Samuel Vargas
Amir Khan and Smauel Vargas (source: Youtube)

Of course if you’re going to take advantage of UK gambling laws to bet on Khan that 1/20 price at bookies like Bet365 means you’re probably not going to expand your bank roll by much, and whilst no one is stupid enough to put their hard earned cash on a draw at 25/1 (where you can find it) the odds on Vargas aren’t all that tempting. Khan sounds determined and fighting on home ground, Vargas isn’t.

“I really believe I’ll knock him out in this fight.” Admitted Khan, and the chances are he’ll do just that.

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