Bet on 2021 UCL Underdogs Madrid, Dortmund, and Porto’s Title Chances


Posted: March 22, 2021

Updated: March 22, 2021

  • Madrid look for fifth title in eight seasons
  • Dortmund have the most exciting young team
  • Porto have an extremely solid defense
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The 2021 Champions League has reached the quarter-finals stage. Arguably the best eight teams in Europe this season are eyeing the title. Needless to say, two teams are big favorites for an outright win, Bayern Munich and Manchester City. But what about the underdogs? Should you place a bet on 2021 UCL underdogs to make an upset? We think it is possible since all the three underdogs have won the title in the past.

It is very exciting to see that the Champions League underdogs this season are not some new team, like Leipzig that reached the semis in 2020. They are also not some team packed with youngsters, like Ajax in 2019. Instead, they are all former champions who won the title once or many times, dropped in their form, and now they look to bounce back.

If you fancy betting on 2021 UCL underdogs, then your choices are either Real Madrid, Borussia Dortmund, or Porto. It does not mean not that these three big clubs are somewhat no longer relevant at the European level. It is contrast, the UCL is more competitive. Thus online sportsbooks in Portugal favor other clubs. But, all of the three underdogs cannot be counted out.

Madrid need to build momentum

Real Madrid looks to win the Champions League for the fifth time in eight seasons. Despite the massive experience Real Madrid has in the competition, it had its ups and downs this season. Real almost faced a humiliating group-stage exit before topping Group B on the final matchday. Right now, the fans hope it is all in the past and the team can finish stronger.

The next step in the quarter-finals will be against Liverpool who also had a rocky season. Liverpool had no issues topping Group D and defeated RB Leipzig in the last-16, but the domestic campaign was disappointing. If Real passes through Liverpool and builds up momentum, the odds for an outright win are 11.00 at Bet365 Sportsbook.

Bet on 2021 UCL Underdogs
Who will win?

Dortmund will have the toughest games ahead

In the past years, Borussia Dortmund played a great role as the tough challenger, but it always had this small gap with the title winners. This season is no different. In fact, at the domestic level, Dortmund failed to maintain the second or third spot. So, if Dortmund wants to bring up the feeling of a title run and give the fans some joy, then there is no better place to do it than the Champions League.

However, Dortmund has a tough test against the biggest favorite in the competition, Manchester City in the quarter-finals. Should Dortmund, shock the world and kick the City out, Dortmund will have even a bigger fight in the semi-finals. They will be required to take down either Bayern or PSG. Will they do it and win the Champions League? The odds are 26.00. Nothing is impossible, but hard to bet on 2021 UCL Underdogs Dortmund to win it all.

Bet on 2021 UCL underdogs Porto

Porto stunned Juventus in the second leg of the last-16 with a 10-player team to get the unexpected win in the extra time. It was the most exciting game in the Champions League this season. Porto showed they have a very solid defense under the leadership of Pepe. For many analysts at online sportsbook news sites in Portugal, Porto was unlikely to advance to the quarter-finals. But, here we are waiting for an exciting game between Porto and Chelsea in the quarterfinals.

The Portuguese club will likely remain the massive underdog in the competition even if it manages to take Chelsea down. The current odds are 34.00 for Porto to win the title. But, you should keep in mind that Porto won the title twice. The last time it was in 2004. Besides, their team is strong enough to stand in the face of any opponent.

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