Bet On A 2nd US Civil War Before The Bookies Get Burned Down

Posted: July 1, 2020

Updated: November 3, 2020

  • Left & Right Are Squaring Off For A Finale
  • Bet On A 2nd US Civil War Solving Nothing
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They’re not reforming quickly enough. The greedy and power hungry are preying on the weakness of the system. There are people on the streets and a plague stalking the land. The United States hasn’t faced such uncertain times since the civil war. The problem is; some have bet on a 2nd US Civil War occurring. You might not be able to find odds on it yet at Bovada or other online sportsbook sites in the US, but give it time. The polarization of America could yet spell disaster.

We’re really staring at many scenarios that end in some kind of civil war.” Said controversial biologist and evolutionary theorist Bret Weinstein to Joe Rogan, continuing; “and while I do think it is still possible to avert that outcome I don’t know the name of the force that gets in its way.” Which is a rather stark warning. He seems to have bet on a 2nd US Civil War. Now you should be able to roundly dismiss Weinstein and his alarmism. But, unfortunately, recent events don’t allow that.

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During the “Day Of Absence” controversy at Evergreen he voiced opinions contrary to left-wing orthodoxy. The left-wing hate that. They have enough trouble combating the right-wing without other lefties singing from a different hymn sheet. Their reaction was overt and hostile. It will be from that reaction he’ll have begun to bet on a 2nd US Civil War. Anyone in the US gambling laws of the land can stand when dissenting opinions are quashed by the mob, needs to wake up.

Unstoppable Change Meets Unchangeable Stoppers

Recent events on the streets of US cities have rather mirrored his predictions. Protests against injustice have begun to be hijacked by political interests. The calls to defund the police are, without suitable replacement in place already, sheer insanity. They might not be in the odd small town, but nationwide? In massive urban areas? In a nation where guns are more prevalent than passports? So, Weinstein has bet on a 2nd US Civil War because the left is as militant now as the right.

US Civil War One

  • Date – 1861-1865
  • Location – America
  • Combatants – Unionist vs Confederate
  • Winner – Unionist
  • Death Toll – 625,000 (approx)
Bet On A 2nd US Civil War
Will history repeat itself?

There is a growing chasm between left and right in the United States. On the surface, it comes down to a bet on Donald Trump or a bet on Joe Biden in November. But it’s now become more than just Red vs Blue. The odds on the 2020 US Presidential Election at online betting sites in the US like Bovada probably won’t matter if the militants on both sides bet on a 2nd US Civil War ending the argument permanently. They just might. They’ve begun a cultural battle which no one wants to lose.

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So, it might seem inconceivable to you that anyone would bet on a 2nd US Civil War occurring at all. A modern nation with a stable, if slightly dysfunctional, government is unlikely to collapse into such chaos. Right? This is to stick one’s head in the sand. Bombastic leadership on the right and militant violence from the left does not leave those in the middle with much hope. The dissatisfaction on both sides will perpetuate, grow, and eventually spill out into direct confrontation.

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Why? Because they’ll have nowhere else to go. No more raises. They’ll have to go all in. Those who regularly bet on sports in the US will spot this for the danger it really poses. With neither side ready to back down, what else can happen? Keanu Reeves presiding over a US truth and reconciliation commission? No, don’t think so. Weinstein is quite nauseating and objectionable, but that doesn’t mean his bet on a 2nd US Civil War is too far off the mark. Where else does this end?

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We take a look at why a bet on a 2nd US Civil War might not be as far-fetched as at first it may appear.

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