Bet on Australian TV Ratings 2020 Channel 7, ABC, SBS & More


Posted: October 1, 2020

Updated: October 1, 2020

  • Channel 7 are clear favourites to be the most-watched Aussie TV network
  • 2019 winners Channel 9 look to defend their title despite immediate threat from Channel 9
  • ABC and SBS likely to continue low national TV ratings run

Australian television ratings are one the many exciting novelty bets on offer this year. Currently, Channel 7 is the frontrunner for the 2020 most-watched television network in Australia title. However, you can also bet on Australian TV Ratings 2020 hopefuls Channel 7, Channel 9, Channel 10, ABC and SBS. 

Currently, OzTAM is the official source of annual television ratings in Australia. Additionally, all the attention will likely be on television heavyweights Channel 7 and 2019 winners, Channel 9. According to 22BET Sportsbook, you can bet on Australian TV rating hopefuls with the following odds:

  • Channel 7 1.90
  • Channel 9 2.05
  • Channel 10 7.50
  • ABC 12.00
  • SBS 14.00

Bet on Australian TV Ratings frontrunner Channel 7

Currently, Channel 7 currently stands the best chance to claim this year’s title for the most-watched television network in Australia. Consequently, with 22BET Sportsbook odds at 1.90, the frontrunners will be a safe bet on Australian TV ratings.

According to the online sportsbook news in Australia, Channel 7 are no strangers to TV rating success. They dominated the TV ratings with an impressive 12-year winning streak. However, in 2019, Channel 9 ended their winning streak.

bet on Australian TV ratings
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Fortunately, they stand a chance to retain victory with programs such as Home & Away, Big Brother Australia and more. However, it’s their breakfast TV show Sunrise that could potentially see them walking away with this year’s accolades.

Currently, Sunrise continues to be the nation’s most-watched breakfast television, consequently putting pressure on rivals Channel 9.

Channel 9 looks to defend 2019 TV rating title

Last year, Channel 9 made history by ending current 22BET Sportsbook title frontrunner Channel 7’s 12-year winning streak. Much of their 2019 rating success came from their reality shows. These include Married at First Sight, Lego Masters, Ninja Warrior, The Voice and The Block.

Now, you can bet on Australian TV ratings Channel 9 to defend their rating title with odds at 2.05. Fortunately, they’re now on track to cause a major upset to arch-rivals Channels.

This is thanks to an exciting lineup of upcoming programs The Block, NRL Grand Final, NRL State of Origin Series and Aria Awards. Consequently, these programs and more could potentiallyy boost their 2020 ratings.

More hopefuls to bet on Australian TV ratings this year

According to 22BET Sportsbook, Channel 10 currently has the third-best odds of winning the 2020 TV ratings at 7.50. Last year, Channel 10 was the third most-watched TV network with a 17.1% network share.

Now, they’ll be hoping to go two up this year despite major cuts to their News and Studio 10 programs. Furthermore, another hopeful to bet on Australian TV ratings 2020 is ABC with odds at 12.00.

In general, the television network is known to attract fewer audiences compared to the other contenders. At the moment, their currently looking towards their evening news segment to claim an unlikely 2020 year-end ratings win.

Lastly, SBS currently finds themselves in an unfavourable position of winning on the online sportsbooks in Australia. Last year, the television network recorded the lowest network share at 8.1%. Unfortunately, their recent ratings show that they’ll likely suffer the same fate this year. Consequently, a bet on Australian TV rating underdog SBS will be risky with odds stacked against them at 14.00.

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