Princess Eugenie Baby Name Odds: Boy or Girl?

  • Princess Eugenie announced her pregnancy in September 2020
  • There are already odds on her and Jack Brooksbank's baby name
  • Who will it be: a boy or a girl? Choose now at 22Bet Sportsbook!
Princess Eugenie baby name odds

The Royal family has just announced the forthcoming arrival of the Queen’s ninth great-grandchild, but people are already making predictions about his/her name. Check the earliest Princess Eugenie baby name odds and pick your favorite one!

Elizabeth II’s ninth great-grandson or granddaughter will arrive soon. On September 25, Princess Eugenie and her husband Jack Brooksbank announced they were expecting their first baby due early 2021. Buckingham Palace confirmed it as well, so fans of the Royal family started to predict the baby’s sex and name. Join the party at online sportsbooks in Ireland!

How should Eugenie name her first baby?

There is a tradition in Britain to name Royal babies after their relatives. So, the best possibility is that the Queen’s ninth great-grandson or granddaughter will be named after a late British Royal. By 22Bet, such a trend touches upon the majority of Elizabeth II’s great-grandchildren. Thus, William and Kate’s elder son Prince George was named after Queen Elizabeth’s father, King George VI. Princess Charlotte got her name as a feminine version of Charles – Prince of Wales, while Prince Louis’s name honors his paternal great-great-great-uncle Louis Mountbatten. Lena Tindall bears the nickname of Helena – one of Queen Victoria’s daughters.

Nevertheless, there are also a few exceptions. Savannah and Isla Phillips bear the most unusual names in the Royal family. Mia Tindall’s name isn’t relevant to her relatives too. Also, Meghan and Harry’s son Archie is among the kids whose names don’t honor any of the Royal family members, but the Sussexes are writing their own story. What path will Eugenie choose?

Princess Eugenie baby name odds
Boy or a girl?

Princess Eugenie baby name odds are revealed

Numerous editions and fan forums have already made a top of the most possible names for Eugenie’s boy or girl. However, we will not list them all; just the ones with the best odds at 22Bet Sportsbook

It’s a boy!

If Princess Eugenie delivers a boy, she and her husband can name him Henry, Edward, or Arthur. These are the three most popular boy names among both Royal family fans and bookmakers. With 9.00 odds, Arthur leads the list. It is strongly related to the Royals honoring King Arthur and being the middle name for Charles, Willam, and Louis. 

Henry (11.00 odds) and Edward (26.00 odds) are runners-up among the most possible boy names for Eugenie’s baby. Henry recalls of Prince Harry, who was actually baptized with this name. On the other hand, Edward can honor Eugenie’s uncle and Elizabeth II’s son, Prince Edward.

It’s a girl!

In the case of giving birth to a girl, Princess Eugenie baby name odds reveal the next favorites: Alice, Grace, and Victoria. 

Alice tops the list with 9.00 odds and honors Prince Phillip’s mother (Eugenie’s great-great-grandmother). The other popular picks include Grace with 11.00 odds and Victoria with 17.00. As 22Bet Sportsbook shows, the possibility of having a daughter in the Royal couple is a bit higher. 

As there is not much time left until Eugenie and Jack’s first baby arrival, do not miss the chance to bet on his/her name. Follow online gambling sites in Ireland to find more bets on the British royal family.

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