Bet on Best Spoken Word Album at the 2020 Grammy Awards

  • The list of nominees is very diverse this year
  • Bet on the book about cancer to win the Grammy award
  • Obama aims for the prize in the Spoken Word Album category
bet on best spoken word album, bet on grammy 2020
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The 62nd Grammy Awards show is less than a month away, so this is the right time to bet on the winners. If you are already tired of seeing the same names in Best Song or Best Album nominations, you can switch to other categories. For example, you can bet on Best Spoken Word Album to be won by Obama next year.

The Best Spoken Word Album award honors audio materials with the best message and quality of speaking. It usually includes poetry, audiobooks & storytelling, so the range of nominees can be quite wide. In 2020, there will be five nominees fighting for the most prestigious music award in the world. Unibet Sportsbook gives a list of them:

  • Becoming by Michelle Obama – 1.33
  • Beastie Boys Book – 3.50
  • I.V. Catatonia by Eric Alexandrakis – 5.00
  • Mr. Know-It-All by John Waters – 6.50
  • Sekou Andrews & The String Theory – 7.00

Bet on Best Spoken Word Album award to move to Becoming

During the previous years, the Best Spoken Word Album award was given to many famous people far from the music industry. For example, the US ex-president Bill Clinton received Grammy for My Life in 2005. Barack Obama got the award twice – in 2006 and 2008. This year, his wife Michelle is the main favorite according to the 1.33 odds at online sportsbooks in the US. She can receive her first Grammy in 2020 thanks to Becoming – a memoir by the former first lady. In her book, Michelle reveals the story of her life, in particular, her role as a mother, the wife of the president, and a role model.

The book gained success in the US since its publication in 2018. Becoming is the best-selling book of the year with more than 10 million copies. It also broke the record as the fastest-selling book of 2018 in America just in 15 days. Add to this the Americans’ admiration of Michelle and bet on Best Spoken Word Album award to fill up her husband’s two prizes.

Who can win the Grammy award except for Michelle Obama?

bet on best spoken word album, bet on grammy 2020
Michelle Obama is still the #1 favorite [Joyce N. Boghosian, White House photographer [Public domain] by Wikimedia Commons]
Despite online gambling sites in the US give preference to Becoming, Michelle Obama is not the one to win. You can also bet on Best Spoken Word Album award to go to Eric Alexandrakis. His chances to win the Grammy are also high (5.00) thanks to the touching issue of fighting with cancer. Alexandrakis suffered this fatal disease twice which he reflected in the name of his album I.V. Catatonia: 20 Years as a Two-Time Cancer Survivor. By his words, the creation of this album aimed to give a message to the people dying from the same disease. The composer wanted to share his story and to encourage them to find positive features despite all “bad”. Surely, such a true life and empowering piece of art have good chances to win the Grammy award.

The last but not least most possible winner of the prize is John Waters. An American filmmaker presented his book Mr. Know-It-All about the inner side of Hollywood. His sarcastic, funny, and somewhere sentimental style of narration hasn’t left critics indifferent.

“Waters doesn’t kowtow to the received wisdom, he flips it the bird . . . [Waters] has the ability to show humanity at its most ridiculous and make that funny rather than repellent.” — Jonathan Yardley, The Washington Post.

So, bet on Best Spoken Word Album prize to dress up Water’s house. The odds are nice – 6.50 – so what are you waiting for?

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