The Benefits of Gambling


Posted: January 8, 2020

Updated: January 10, 2020

  • Do not believe the negative hype
  • You will win, eventually
  • Every hot chick loves a winner


There are many benefits of gambling. Yes, I know that many people will immediately jump up and down and have a hernia in anger at the mere thought of it. But let’s look through this with logical eyes. You might learn something new!

Introduction: The Benefits of Gambling

When most people think of gambling, if they are not gamblers, then there’s gonna be some sort of negative connotation linked to the word. But if you do gamble, then you’re already in positive territory. Let’s have a look at the many factors that can make gambling an excellent choice for health and happiness.

Physical Health

The health benefits of gambling are pretty obvious. Still, let’s go through them for the sake of all those Cassandras and nay-Sayers. First off, if you walk to the betting shop or lottery sales point, then the exercise is already a large plus point. We all know that walking is good for the circulation. Talking of blood, when your in the casino, walking between tables also counts as exercise. Whether you’re winning big or losing your house, all that stress will really get the blood pumping. Again, this is a positive thing. Online gambling news says that some games are very good for the co-ordination, whether eye to hand or hand to hand.

Home Finances

Gambling is not just about the losers. There are plenty of winners as well. Unfortunately, the conservative media tend to focus on the sob stories, the huge losses, the shame of spending your kids school dinner money in a slot machine or the suicides from utter despair. But hold on a minute. That’s not the whole picture. Just someone with an agenda, and more than probably against gambling. If you don’t have much money, but still like to have a flutter, then you’ll be needing to trim the expenditure in other parts of your life. This is an excellent means of taking control of your home finances. You’re able to plan and also, by living frugally, enjoy a responsible way of life in an ever changing global economy.

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The Benefits of Gambling: A Winner in waiting

None Addictive

These days the word “addiction” is commonly associated with all forms of gambling. Again, you can thank the media for spreading the meaning around in order to sensationalize the headlines in order to sell more papers or get more advertising or more clicks. Sure, there are bound to be a percentage of folks who love to gamble just a little too much. Like wise, there are woman who spend all their money on fancy shoes. If you only have a hammer, then every problem starts to look like a nail. Just because we might go overboard once in a while doesn’t mean we need such labels. They are hurtful and unnecessary. Online gambling sites in the US understand this point and you’ll never see this awful and spiteful term used on these.

Mental Health

In truth, the benefits of gambling represent a positive force towards well-being and in particular with regard to mental health. The fact that you often have to make quick and concise choices, which could have huge repercussions on your families financial well being, keeps you alert and sure does make that brain work hard. The choice between wagering your child’s inheritance, losing the car or winning a huge life changing jackpot can certainly focus the mind.

Climate Change

We all have a responsibility in how we go about lowering our carbon footprint or generally go about taking care of the environment. It goes without saying, that sitting in a casino, or at home playing online, means that we are, in effect, saving energy. We are not flying by commercial jets, or sitting in a traffic jam. Apart from sleeping, gambling certainly keeps your green credentials looking shiny.

Local Economy

Gambling means money being put back into the local economy. When you win, then you’re spending those winnings. And if you put them back into, say a bookmaker or casino, then that money also trickles down into the shops and businesses near by. If we’re talking about bricks and mortar gambling businesses, then there are things like construction, maintenance and local employment. In spite of all the talk about the negatives of gambling, this is the reason no one dare ban it.

Old Relationships

We’ve all been there. Just about to go out the front door and pop down to the betting shop. A voice rings out from the kitchen. “Where are you off to?” And then the killer line, the words that break a perfectly normal and fruitful relationship: “I hope you’re not going down the betting shop?” Or the gambling fortune teller. Remember that the bitch married you for richer or poorer. It’s none of her business how you spend your hard earned money. You could choose to gamble on line with Bovada. But the real problem, in particular with regard to wives, is that they are too close. They care about you and your well being. But that’s the very opposite of what you need, which is space. The time and the freedom to make the right choices.

Simplify Your Life

Part of the problem is that, being women, they have limited mental capacity for understanding of how odds work. So they think you’re just wasting money. Or thinking short term. They think of the kids and the mortgage payments. About mental health and homelessness. She thinks your gambling is an addiction. But winning by betting requires a strategy, planning and a long term commitment. If, after a couple of back hands she’s not willing to understand or give you that much time, then the relationship is done. You don’t need any negativity around you when you’re gambling.

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The Benefits of Gambling: Win at Life

New Relationships

Just suppose that you’re sitting at the table in a casino. You are losing and losing big. And now think of the opposite scenario. You’re at the same table but winning big. Out the corner of your eye you can see a beautiful woman gracefully wafting around the room. Now, when you’re losing, you’re concentrating on regaining your position. You don’t have time for a woman like this. And interestingly enough, she has no time for you. Perfect.

Winner Takes All

But when you’re winning, man is she there by your side in the blink of an eye? Yep, because you’re a winner in all things at that point. It’s like the universe is conspiring to make all the good stuff happen to you. Just go with it. And remember; you’re pulling those hot chicks cause you’re a God at the roulette table. You’re the ruler in the land of Black Jack. Those slot machines bow down before you. A never ending stream of wins on Bovada. With gambling you can have it all!

The Benefits of Gambling: Conclusion

So there you have it. Thinking rationally about gambling and it’s positive effects for a change. And try and keep in mind the mantra, that when you’re losing, it’s just a phase. You just gotta remain positive and keep going. Borrow, beg or steal money. Sell everything. Or follow these tips. At some point the stars will align. And at that point, you’ll realize that all that debt, all those lost friends and relationships, all those broken promises, all that begging and stealing was worth it. You persevered. Kept your faith. And so you were rewarded. To that end, in all senses, you are a true winner!

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