Bet on Big Brother 2020 Finland Season 12 Housemates


Posted: September 11, 2020

Updated: September 11, 2020

  • Babysitter Sami Ronkola is a top favourite for Finland’s Big brother 2020 win
  • Roope Niema, Ella Toivainen, and Arttu Liimatainen also among top housemates for the win

Big Brother Finland is back and better, this time with 12 weeks of uninterrupted reality TV gold. Once again, viewers can expect to see a diverse group of housemates in the Big Brother Finland house. For instance, housemates such a babysitter and production engineer are among the contenders to bet on Big Brother 2020 Finland. 

This year marks the 12th season of Big Brother Finland which started on 6 September featuring 16 housemates. Currently, babysitter Sami Ronkola is the top housemate to bet on Big Brother 2020 Finland. Let’s see how his winning chances stand against some of the other Big Brother housemates on 22BET Sportsbook:

Sami Ronkola 4.00

Roope Niemi 4.00

Ella Toivainen 6.50

Arttu Liimatainen 7.00

Sini Liljeqvist 17.00

Tiia Viinikainen 20.00

Minna Pesonen 26.00

Top contenders to bet on Big Brother 2020 Finland Season 12

Sami Ronkola is currently the housemate to bet on Big Brother 2020 Finland. The 27-year-old babysitter stands the best chance of winning on 22BET Sportsbook with odds at 4.00. Similarly to Ronkola, Roope Niema also finds himself in a good position to win on the online sportsbooks in Finland.

At 22 years old, the cinema worker hopes to entertain the other housemates, as well as to be a good listener. Roope Niema’s (4.00) philosophy is that everyone deserves happiness regardless of their background. Perhaps this just might be enough to make him the last housemate standing.

bet on Big Brother 2020
He’s watching!

Another top housemate favoured for this season’s Big Brother Finland win is cafe worker Ella Toivainen. It’s expected that she’ll bring just the right amount of fierceness and glam to the house. Consequently, Toivainen will also be must-see with promising odds of winning at 6.50.

Lastly, Arttu Liimatainen completes our list of top housemates to bet on Big Brother 2020. The production engineer who stands out with his long hair and eye-popping tattoos odds of winning are at 7.00.

Big Brother 2020 Finland underdogs eyeing reality TV victory

Deputy judge and lawyer Sini Liljeqvist is among the underdogs to bet on Big Brother Finland 2020 at 17.00. According to the online sportsbook news in Finland, the 33-year-old has an impressive background having served in the military.

However, her admiration for wanting to play a leadership role might lead to potential fallouts with other housemates. Another housemate who has their odds stacked against them is university teacher Tiia Viinikainen. Despite an inspiring rising from a humble background story, she’ll be a risky bet with odds at 20.00.

Lastly, verger Minna Pesonen finds herself in an unfortunate position on 22BET Sportsbook with the worst odds of winning. Consequently, Pesonen will be praying for a miracle if she’s to defy her odds of winning at 26.00.

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