Bet On Clinton? Here’s Seven Reasons Why You Should.

Posted: May 23, 2016

Updated: May 23, 2016

Donald Trump has started polling ahead of likely rival Hillary Clinton but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be backing the former First Lady as she makes another bid to be president. Her odds might be short but there’s reasons for that and here are seven of the best that demonstrate why you should bet on Clinton this election cycle.

1. She’ll Be The First Female President

With 50% of the electorate female a president of the same gender is long overdue and for large swathes of the voting populous this will be a case of now-or-never. Hillary Clinton may not be the ideal candidate and indeed she comes with a fair degree of political baggage and quite a lot of openly hostile aggression ranged against her, but if there was ever a nation that needed a woman’s touch it’s America in the 21st Century. Don’t expect to see this chance for the election of the first female president to be squandered and a bet on Clinton is a sensible reaction.

2. She’s Running Against Donald Trump

The massive Republican field of candidates for the nomination saw the form of Donald Trump float to the top like an unflushable reminder of what happens when a party plays to people’s fears for so long the voters actually start to believe it. Donald Trump is an abomination of a flawed democracy and whilst he’s gambling news of his lack of experience, expertise, knowledge or political substance won’t be noticed for many it means that on no account can America allow this populist pillock near the reins of power, so a bet on Clinton is almost a sure thing.

3. She’ll Maintain The Obstructionist Desert They Call Peace

Bet on Clinton because The United States Congress has an approval rating of just 11% because, on the whole, their partisan hatred of all things Barack Obama has kept the legislative agenda moving at a snail’s pace for eight years, with any luck this state of affairs will continue under a Clinton presidency, keeping the US from lurching too far and starting a pendulum swing twixt left and right that would only lead to disaster. Their self imposed impotence of government preventing their nation sliding into tyranny.

Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton back in the White house. What could go wrong… (Photo: Mashable)

4. She’ll Make Bill Clinton First Man

Whilst the leaders of the world swan around having meetings and conferences very often their wives have a separate itinerary. Should Hillary be elected US president her husband, Bill Clinton, would be the First Man and attend these functions, and if the idea of Bill Clinton being let loose amongst a gaggle of other world leader’s wives doesn’t instantly make you want to vote for Hillary Clinton, you’ve lost perspective will probably vote for Trump and need to bet on Clinton to cover your losses and you’ll be glad to know she’s getting 2/5 odds at Bet365.

5. Democrats Are Better Than Republicans

A bet on Clinton is a wager on America being a little more sensible than it looks. Exclusionary Republican Party politics is responsible for the rise of Donald Trump, who has ridden the xenophobic, sexist and homophobic coat tails of a few decades’ rhetoric to the nomination, and this should galvanize Democratic party voters come November as well as the floating middle, so if you’re in the US gambling laws of common sense, if nothing else, will keep “The Donald” from power, we all hope you’re right. 

6. It’s Close But Not That Close

Polls and pundits all have a vested interest in keeping it close, particularly those affiliated with the media, and combine that with Democratic fears of a low turnout and there’s a lot of people with a vested interest in maintaining a sense of urgency right the way through till voting day. Recent polls average Trump doing better than Clinton, but you can bet on Clinton winning in the end because the alternative is wholly unpalatable to the middle ground in US politics whatever they tell pollsters on CNN.

7. The US Deserves A Break, Doesn’t It?

When you bet on sports in the US you look at past performance, current form, the odds the participants are being given by the bookies, but just sometimes you see beyond that and just know that a disappointment is going to come good, that they’ll catch a break whatever the odds say, and whilst Hillary Clinton may be the embodiment of well organized ambition the US doesn’t deserve Donald Trump, and really may just deserve the half-way house between him and Bernie Sanders that Hillary, the continuity candidate, represents.

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