A Trump Presidency? Seven Reasons You Can Bet On It

The attractive Donald Trump

If you like to bet on sports in the US you’re going to love betting on the Presidential Election and with only two real candidates left in the race a lot of pollsters and pundits will be highlighting just how certain Hillary Clinton is of blocking a Trump Presidency, however just like sports the world of politics is an unpredictable beast, so lets look at some of the reasons you should put your bankroll behind “The Donald”.

1. The Unthinkable Has Already Happened Once

When Donald Trump announced his candidacy people laughed. They’re not laughing now. His meteoric rise through the sprawling Republican field on the back of a populist message that only gained traction due to years of disingenuous right-wing propaganda as much chickens coming home to roost for the party of Reagan and Eisenhower as it was a victory for a bombastic outsider with an unpredictable personality. In the run into November a lot of people will categorically state that a Trump Presidency simply can’t happen. They’re wrong.

2. Hillary Clinton Is Not Her Husband

Bill Clinton exuded charm from every pore, Hillary Clinton always appears as if she should be being trailed by a half dozen flying monkeys in psychedelic bellhop uniforms she calls “my pretties”. Were he up against just about any other Democratic candidate Donald Trump would already be roadkill in a wig, however Hillary’s manifest ambition, obvious vindictiveness and total lack of likeable qualities beyond not actually being Donald Trump herself may not be enough to guarantee victory at the ballot box in November.

3. A Trump Presidency Because The World Likes A Tough Guy

If you’re in the US gambling laws of common sense would preclude a forceful strongman with little political substance reaching high office, think again. Around the world other populations have been electing and supporting authoritarian candidates in recent years specifically because they feel powerless and swamped by global events. Trump’s rise speaks to just how many Americans feel the same way and whilst a Trump Presidency might be out of character for the US it can’t think itself immune from electing an Orban, a Putin or an Erdogan,

Trump Hillary Bill

Bet on Trump to be smiling in November… (Photo: Examiner)

4. Trump The Political Protest Vote

In revenge for the US electorate putting a black man in the White House the Republican Party brought government to a virtual halt for eight years, and whilst this has prevented Barack Obama being too successful for them to besmirch, it has also made the entire congress look childish, workshy and feckless. It’s job approval rating is just 11%. People’s dissatisfaction with the system is palpable and whilst Hillary Clinton is the continuity candidate Donald Trump may be the pox on both their houses message they really want to send.

5. The US Always Gets The President It Deserves

Objectively the best candidate for President still in the running is Bernie Sanders; however, the US hasn’t really done enough to merit a social reformer that would make life better for the vast majority of the population, especially not after the way they’ve treated Barry. Donald Trump is an unthinking dolt hyped up on his own pseudo-self-importance with all the political depth of a shadow and the social conscience of a Staffordshire bull terrier in a school playground, but however ghastly its many crimes against itself and others, does the US really deserve Hillary Clinton and not a Trump Presidency?

6. Winnings Always Cushion The Blow

Waking up on November 3rd to find Donald Trump is the President-Elect may be an awfully bleak experience and there is no better way to combat the empty gnawing feeling in the pit of your stomach as yet another piece of your soul is eaten away by life in the 21st century than being richer. You can get 9/4 odds on Donald Trump winning at Bet365 right now, and if you’re gambling news headlines will be of the first female President of the USA, hedging your bets backing a Trump Presidency could sweeten the bitter pill should the worst come to pass.

7. The Way The World’s Luck Has Been Running…..

A Trump Presidency might seem gauche, but our childhood heroes were all perverts, there are almost daily mass shootings, the sports we watch have all had to admit they’re corrupt or riddled with drugs, the spectre of terrorism lurks around each and every corner, One Direction split up and to top it all off climate change hangs over our heads like a slow motion sword of Damocles. If the planet were a gambler it would be on a losing streak, and whilst our luck has to change sometime, do you really want to bet that it’ll be this November at the hands of the people that gave us 8 years of George W. Bush?

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