Bet On Danish Boxing’s Next Big “Bad Blood” Bout

Patrick Nielsen and Rudy Markussen showdown

Danish Boxing’s Next Big Bout

• Nielsen 26-1
• Markussen 37-3
• Bad Blood Dec. 12th in Brondby

You can always bet on Danish boxing to produce some big moments in the ring but the match up between Patrick Nielsen and Rudy Markussen has caused quite a stir with both fighters well known for their dislike of the other. Could this be THE grudge match of 2015? Nisse Sauerland thinks so.

Of course much of the boxing world has its eyes firmly fixed on Klitschko and Fury who are facing off in Germany on Saturday, although given it’s Wladimir’s 24th title defense there’s just a little predictability built in to that fight, and whilst both fighters spoke eloquently at the press-call you definitely got a small sense of deja vu seeing the large Ukrainian talk thought his hopes for the bout. It’s not that Tyson Fury doesn’t have a hope, it’s just Wladimir Klitschko has all his saved up.

However the world’s interest in that fight is as to nothing compared to the local interest that a fight between Patrick Nielsen and Rudy Markussen is generating amongst those that like to bet on sports in Denmark, with this being one of the few times when a bet on Danish boxing will be far more interesting to follow up on than deciding how many rounds Fury will last against Klitschko, yes, I know, I should be more optimistic, but no one’s beaten Klitschko since 2004 and Fury won’t be first.

Patrick Nielsen is the reigning WBA international super-middleweight title holder on a record of 26 wins and 1 loss, whilst Rudy Markussen enters the ring on 37 wins and 3 losses, but the numbers barely tell any of the story as these two have a history, a history of utter contempt and hatred for each other with no effort spared to make it entirely evident to anyone who’ll listen, and their supporters are no less convinced, ardent or willing to pass up a chance to argue about it with anyone who likes to bet on Danish boxing.

Bad Blood Between Brondby Beckoned Boxers

Patrick Nielsen and Rudy Markussen

Rivalry between Nielsen and Markussen is real. (Photo: BT)

“The reaction has been absolutely huge.” says promoter Nisse Sauerland, a man who has a career long bet on Danish boxing and is manifestly pleased with himself for having pulled together this bout. “Half the tickets were sold in the first 48 hours. The fight has certainly captured the public’s imagination.”
This has left the venue concerned they may need to increase capacity at the Brondby Hallen in Copenhagen, and possibly need to get some extra insurance not for the fighters but the fans.

“The hatred between the two fighters is real but it is important they behave in a professional manner before the fight.” Nisse told the press gambling news reporters would believe him, “We’ve already seen masked Nielsen fans putting up signs around the city, but now the fighters should save their aggression for the fight.” However you can bet Danish boxing’s biggest stars won’t wait that long and the press conferences and weigh in are likely to be as dramatic as an Austria Sweden world cup final.

“We will make sure there is a strong security presence between the two boxers when they come face-to-face at our kick-off press conference.” Nisse Sauerland promised, as if the press wouldn’t turn up unless their safety were guaranteed, but that does still leave the polarized fans to worry about. Neither set of supporters likely to take a loss very well, especially not a controversial one, and the Brondby Hallen may well see a riot amongst those that have bet on Danish boxing’s biggest bout and lost or indeed won.

You Can Always Bet On Danish Boxing To Be Brutal

Nielsen's comeback from Moscow

Nielsen ready for a comeback since the defeat in Moscow. (Photo: ProBoxingInsider)

Having tagged the night as “Bad Blood” Nisse is playing up to the rivalry between the two camps and given he’s single-handedly responsible for much of the big bout boxing in Denmark, he knows generating interest in the sport can’t have too high a price at this point. The retirement of legendary Mikkel Kessler left a gaping hole that you can just bet Danish boxing wants to fill in as quickly as possible. This might just be the fight to do it with the winner taking everything and the loser really having nowhere to go next.

Nielsen, still smarting from getting beaten in Moscow, is out to prove he’s got the guts to come back from a defeat, and Markussen is just trying to prove he can come back full stop, and both know that a loss now could spell the effective end of their careers in the ring. Not that either would admit to being nervous with Nielsen saying “Rudy can talk all he wants, but I’m too fast, too strong and too good. Rudy is just an old caveman and on December 12th I’ll send him back to the Stone Age.”

A prediction whose validity remains to be seen. Of course if you’re Danish gambling laws of nature will see the older man lose perhaps you’ll agree with Nielsen’s sentiment but if you like to bet on Danish boxing, or boxing in general, this is the time to head on over to ComeOn! Sportsbook where all the odds and opportunities you’d want to see await you. Klitschko vs Fury might be a bit dull, but the Bad Blood bout between Markussen and Nielsen is likely to be anything but predictable.

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