Bet on F1 This Week: Hamilton vs Vettel Again at Austrian Grand Prix 2017?

Hamilton vs Vettel Austrian GP

Luckily the fact that there is a full week without a Formula One race does not mean that we have to give up on placing a bet on F1 this week!

The next Grand Prix is to be held in 2 weeks, and online betting news in Austria are already extremely busy ahead of the next race. Not only because of the unpredictable chances of who will win Austrian Grand Prix 2017, but also because there are many interesting questions ahead of the next GP race. Let’s take a look at the best Formula One betting odds and where to bet on F1 this week!

When and where is the Austrian Grand Prix being held?

The Austrian Grand Prix starts in two weeks, which means that the practice will take place on Friday, 7 July, the Qualification is Saturday, 8 July and obviously the race is Sunday, 9 July. The race is to be held at Red Bull Ring, which is the rebuilt version of the former A1 Ring. The Red Bull Ring has returned to the Formula One in 2014.

Who will win Austrian Grand Prix 2017?

Austrian Grand Prix betting tips suggest that you should bet on Hamilton to win. The odds for the UK pilot are 1.83 (5/6) at online sportsbooks like Bet365. His biggest challenger will obviously be Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel. The odds for Vettel to win Austrian Grand Prix 2017 are 3.25 (9/4) at the same sports betting site.

Will there be another Hamilton vs Vettel duel at Austrian Grand Prix 2017?

These two, Vettel and Hamilton found each other in the previous race as well. They have never really been friends, but the Hamilton vs Vettel rivalry has reached a whole new low in Azerbaijan. They were running behind the Safety Car, Hamilton first, followed by Sebastian Vettel. The Englishman went unexpectedly and unreasonably slow, which surprised Vettel.

And what you should do when the guy in front of you is going incredibly slow but you are not allowed to pass him by because of the SC? Well, a professional sportsman would accept the position and a dumb kid would take revenge. See the video above to see whether Vettel is a professional sportsman or a dumb kid. And by that I’m not saying that Hamilton were any better at all…

Where to bet on F1 this week?

Would you like to join online sportsbooks in Austria to bet on Austrian Grand Prix 2017? Our best recommendation would be for you to take a look at the offers at Bet365 Sportsbook. The famous online sports betting sites of course offers top quality betting markets for F1 enthusiasts as well as for many other sports fans from all around the world.

Would you like to bet on F1 this week, as well as any other sports? Feel free to check out our Bet365 review to learn more about the available promotions and betting markets at the popular site. Did you place your bet already? Let us know what you think is the winning line by leaving a comment below!

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